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Woman's Attempt to Enjoy a Tasty Snack in Alaska Doesn't Go As Planned

Many of us learned about Alaska in school but have never visited. Well, Alaska appears to be a special place. It’s got miles of untouched, rural areas. The scenes in nature are breathtaking. But what do people in Alaska do for fun? We imagine they have shops and downtown areas like any other community. In fact, they have tourist attractions like every state. In the town of Skagway, there is a local bakery called the Klondike Doughboy. It’s the hot spot for delicious fried bread.

In a TikTok video content creator, @dutchworld_americangirl shares her latest purchase from the Klondike Doughboy. But her stroll down the street doesn’t go as planned. We're having flashbacks to the movie the Birds.

Wow! Those crows meant business. They saw some yummy food and chose violence. But can we really blame them? The doughboy she carried was huge and probably smelled terrific. Thank goodness she got away from the birds. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @Mis Von joked, “So come to Alaska. LOL.” @Donnabellaocean wrote, “Black crows are symbolic...and hungry! LOL! Is that bread warm? It looks sooooo good!” @Ginnom exclaimed, “This is the best video ever!” @MerlotMoon said, “That would freak me out!” @Victoria Wheeler disclosed, “Had one when we were there. So good!” @Shayla Anderson joked, “They were like there is no way she will finish that and share!”

We’re glad she made it away from the crows. They weren’t the friendly kind like the ones you see in an animated movie. If you enjoyed this hilarious clip, visit @dutchworld_americangirl’s TikTok channel. You won’t be disappointed, but you may laugh.

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