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Woman Tries French 'McDonald's' for the First Time and Her Reaction Is on Point

We don’t go long without an excellent post about McDonald’s. There’s always something intriguing going on with the home of Ronald McDonald. Usually, the most exciting food items appear on McDonald’s menus in foreign countries. They really do get all the tasty treats. Of course, France is known for decadent and savory cuisine. So, it’s not surprising that McDonald’s in France has some terrific menu items.

In a TikTok, by content creator @erintridle, she tries McDonald’s food in France. The food she samples made us jealous, which is totally normal. We always want what we can’t have, at least not right away. No worries, though. Someday we’ll get there. We'd love to give this menu a try!

Whoa, did you see the size of that chicken sandwich and burger? Holy moly, they looked scrumptious. If only these items were available in the U.S., Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about this video. User @user3759422830454 disclosed, “McDonald’s outside of the U.S. is always superior. Please don’t ask me why, but it just is.” @James Arnold asked, “Wait, was the burger square? Does Wendy’s know? LOL!” @Hope suggested, “I think that McDonald’s in the US should do like promos where they sell other countries McDonald’s options.” We love that idea, @Hope. But until that happens, check out part 3, where she tastes the last two items.

Well, it looks like the wrap is a significant win in France! But we remember how amazing those things were when we had them here in the states. They need to bring them back. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to part 3. User @Kimberly Reynolds exclaimed, “I want the Wraps back here!” @Melissa 🤩 joked, “I’m more impressed with the wooden spoon in the McFlurry than the flavor of it.” The wooden spoons are adorable. If you enjoyed these videos, please visit @erintridle’s TikTok for more international taste-testing.