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Woman's Attempt to Make a Simple Cucumber Sandwich Has Us Cracking Up

Do you ever crave something to eat that is simple yet satisfying? Yes, we feel the same way sometimes. That’s why it’s excellent to locate a recipe that checks off those boxes.

In a TikTok video, content creator @pepperonimuffin shared her attempt at making a simple cucumber sandwich. A lot was going on in this video. Thank goodness she didn't lose a finger.

Thank goodness she was careful. Otherwise, this video could have gone south very fast. Perhaps the chaos would decrease if she slowed down a bit while slicing. But we did appreciate the entertaining aspect of her sandwich-making skills. We’re glad she seasoned the cucumber pieces because the butter wouldn’t have been enough to flavor them. 

We’re glad she enjoyed the sandwich after everything it took to make it. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to it. Content creator @Foods said, “YOOOO THE HAIR THO SHEEESSSHHHHH.” @Alice asked, “How did you make something so simple look like that?” @Mack Jones revealed, “I do bread, turkey sandwich slices, cucumber, mayo, and salt and pepper.” @Kim suggested, “Cream cheese and cucumber.” @:) said, “Babes, how do you make simple tasks so chaotic.” @₭hahera said, “MY MUM USED TO GIVE ME THESE FOR LUNCH IN PRIMARY SCHOOL.” @TAYLOR said, “I used to have white bread with cucumber and cheese. It's so good. You have to try it, please.”

Yes, the simple cucumber sandwich is a favorite for TikTok fans. They really liked the video. They also offered their own spin on the cucumber sandwich. We’re here for suggestions. If you liked the recipe, then visit @pepperonimuffin’s TikTok channel. You’ll find more entertaining content you don’t want to miss.