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Woman's 'Charred Peach Ricotta Toast' Looks Surprisingly Epic

When it comes to cooking new food, it can go either way. It really depends on what the person is trying to cook. But their level of cooking skill is critical too. People don’t always follow instructions. They also tend to be impatient if they have other things to do besides cooking. The are multiple variables at play when cooking something new. However, all is not lost. Sometimes the planets align, and what you attempted to cook turns out Heavenly.

In a TikTok video, content creator @susi.vidal shares her recipe for Charred Peach Ricotta Toast. Yes, you read that right. She’s combining peaches with ricotta cheese. We were unsure this would work, but the outcome is surprising. Who knew those ingredients mixed so well together?

Wow! Her Charred Peach Ricotta Toast looks delicious. We can’t believe these two flavors seem to go well together. Let’s see if the TikTok community is excited about this recipe. User @overwhelmed.croissant said, “Toast. Ricotta. Grilled pineapple. Honey drizzle. Fresh mint. And flaky salt. 10/10.” @theredbowl wrote, “My mouth is WATERING SUSI.” @Mr. Cooper admitted, “Making your own bread and ricotta? Had to be awesome.” @Alex Robles asked, “Where did you learn all these skills? I got serious envy.” @Joe Zollo wrote, “Hello from the peach state! We 100% approve of this.” @wjh23 revealed, “That looks so good! I’m just way too lazy to make my own bread.”

We completely understand not wanting to make your bread. It’s time-consuming, so buying some from the store or bakery will alleviate that issue. If you liked this video as we did, please visit @susi.vidal’s TikTok channel. You’ll love what you see.

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