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Woman’s Emotional Reaction to ‘Unexpected’ Dessert Is Quickly Going Viral

Dining out with a special person is a memory maker. If the atmosphere is cozy and the food is divine, nothing prevents you from enjoying yourself. People dine out all around the world. Some restaurants spin as customers gazes out the windows. Other eateries are decorated with elegant décor and dim lighting. But if the weather permits, eating outdoors is the way to go. There’s no substitution for nature’s beauty.

In a viral TikTok video, @wtf_is_a_budget is watching a woman about to eat dessert in Naples, Italy. The romance is high at a seaside restaurant in Naples. Her dessert isn’t what you’d expect from such a sophisticated restaurant. Everyone who watches this video is immediately confused.

Okay, so it wasn’t food after all. But her fiancé wanted to ensure the surprise was hidden until the proper time. @wtf_is_a_budget’s reaction to the video is funny. If you glance at the tray, it looks like one red Jello cube. Let’s see if the TikTok community was fooled. User @Lucy B said, “Same. My thought was, “that’s not nearly enough, Jello.” @Harlee replied, “I literally said, ‘That's a small piece of... OH, IT’S A RING BOX.’” @finkmusterflack remarked, ‘I was like 'damn that Jello looks dry as hell'” LOL.” @ඞ disclosed, “Why did I think it was a cube of raw beef at first? LOL!”

Wow, even we didn’t think it was raw meat @ඞ. Ha! Well, we’re glad everyone eventually realized it was an engagement ring. Let’s hope she said yes. If you’d like to see more comical content, head to @wtf_is_a_budget’s TikTok channel. You’ll probably end up hungry but happy. 

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