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Woman's 'Spooky Cookies Storytime' Gives Us Major Goosebumps

Did you enjoy story time as a kid? Yes, we loved it too. Nothing was better than gathering together as a class and listening to our teacher read to us. It helped bring characters to life. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate someone that can do different voices? It’s really the best. Now that you’re grown, listening to other people read stories doesn’t have to end. There is a reason why websites like Audible are popular. People like storytime. If you’re one of them, you’ll love today’s post.

TikTok content creator @bakersmanncookies shares her story of the Salem Witch Trials while decorating spooky cookies. Isn’t this the best combination of food and facts? Who says learning history isn’t fun?

We are impressed by her ability to tell a story while decorating cookies for Halloween. Her skills are on point, and we loved the results. Let’s see if the TikTok community loved her work too. User @stranger things 🤩❤️ wrote, “I’m related to one of the first “witches” in Salem to be executed.” @Ally admitted, “I love nightmare before Christmas. You did really good with the cookie.” @user81191814549 replied, “Spooky Cookies: Jack singing about loneliness.” @_Luna_x.S revealed, “Your voice is so comforting.” @ava filonik disclosed, “I just visited Salem, and it was actually so cool I didn’t want to leave.” @Jade Williams said, “I read The Crucible in my junior year of high school, so I know a lot about it.”

Yes, many students read the Crucible in school, and it does offer a realistic view of the Salem Witch Trials. We recommend reading it if you haven’t yet. Thank you to @bakersmanncookies for decorating a beautiful cookie. We love your work. To stay updated on content, visit @bakersmanncookies’ TikTok channel. You’ll be pleased you did.