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Genius Recipe for 'Wonton Mozzarella Sticks' Should Win an Award

If you’re a lover of mozzarella sticks, you have to see this next recipe. Our minds are completely blown by this ingenious creation. TikTok content creator @genies_life shows us a whole new way to make mozzarella sticks, and all that gooey cheese has us feeling pretty hungry!

This might be the most exciting mozzarella stick idea you've ever seen!

OMG. These look unreal! The best part is that these cheesy sticks won’t make a mess in your kitchen. You won’t need that sticky breading and you won’t need a deep fryer either. This brilliant recipe simply uses a wonton wrapper, in place of the breadcrumbs. How smart is that? Simple wrap the cheese, spray them with oil, and air-fry until you have golden sticks of gooey happiness. This is so easy, but it looks so fancy too. We think they might also taste sensational served with ranch dressing for dipping, in addition to tomato sauce.

The audience loved this idea too, and many shared serving suggestions of their own. Viewer @Suelouann38 commented, "Add pepperoni and sprinkle parm cheese on when done. Delicious.”That's a great idea! TikTok user @Curleeq added, “Looks yummy but instead of spray I’d brush melted Parma/garlic butter.” That’s sure sounds heavenly. And viewer @user2269166887919 was all set to make these, saying, “Trying this tonight!” That sounds like a great plan to us!

We plan on trying out this mozzarella stick recipe for game day, and we might even serve this as a nice dinner party appetizer, too. We know they'll be a huge hit anytime we make them!