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Man Makes 'World's Biggest Chicken Nugget' and We're Speechless

When you were a kid, did you eat chicken nuggets? Thanks to McDonald’s restaurants, they’ve become a very popular food with kids of all ages. But you don’t have to dine out to eat them. You can buy them in the grocery store or have them delivered. The only thing stopping you from enjoying chicken nuggets might be low funds. Otherwise, they’re easy to acquire. 

In a recent TikTok video by food content creator @nick.digiovanni, he teams up with foodie @cookingwithlynja to make the world’s largest chicken nugget. It’s an exciting but unique goal to achieve. We can't help but wonder why he decided to try this.

Wow! That’s a giant chicken nugget! That thing could feed an entire school. We’re positive the kids would love eating the world’s largest chicken nugget for lunch. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers were impressed. User @jaydenmast56 wrote, “Fire! Love you.” @NotAmelie said, “I love your collabs with Lynja.” @Zachary Neman joked, “Brb. Gonna go buy 41 pounds of chicken.” @Cece remarked, “Congratulations, you're officially amazing.” @Anime Game 🤌 jested, “That ain't a nugget. That's a chicken cake.” @Shaquavius wrote, “The best pair.” @it’s ya boi matty asked, “Why did this video make me so happy?” 

This video made us happy too. Chicken nuggets are comfort food for many of us. They trigger memories of childhood. Plus, they taste great. Watching the world’s largest chicken nugget get made was fun. Let’s hope @nick.digiovanni attempts more world records. If you enjoyed the video, check out his TikTok channel. You’ll never get bored with his content.