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People's Reactions to Seeing 'World's Smallest Bagel' Couldn't Be More Spot-On

Freshly-baked bagels are a go-to breakfast and/or anytime-of-the-day snack for so many people. That's why it's no surprise that you can find specialty bagel shops in pretty much any area of the country. One shop in particular, @jeffsbagelrun, located in Ocoee, Florida, recently decided to have a little extra fun behind-the-scenes at work. 

They shared a recent TikTok video that has over 320,000 views, and it shows -- wait for it -- what just might be the world's smallest bagel. We don't know exactly how they did it, but this tiny little bagel is so cute, we want to eat about a hundred of them. Check it out.

Aww! A baby bagel! The bagel shop's followers just can't get enough of this minuscule creation. Needless to say, their reactions to the junior bagel are pretty hilarious. One commenter, @Hannah Hadley joked, "Large Cheerio or small bagel?" Huh. It's a toss up for sure. Another fan of the mini-bagel, @violeta suggested, "This is what bagel bites should be." HA! For real. And @carle wisel can't wait to get her hands on one, saying, "Sell this to me please. PLEASE." Seriously. If they sold these things by the dozen, nobody would ever buy Dunkin' Donuts munchkins again. (Ok that might be an exaggeration. But still.)

Wonder if Jeff's Bagel Run had any idea what a huge hit this would be? Since people couldn't get enough of the first tiny bagel, they decided to go a step further and made an even smaller one.

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All they need now is little mini-cream cheese containers that people can take to go when they get their bite-sized bagels. Who else smells a million-dollar idea in the making?

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