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Restaurant Serves 'World's Smallest Sushi' and We Can't Believe Our Eyes

Sushi is one of many acquired tastes. You tend to love it or hate it. Sushi lovers can’t seem to get enough of their favorite rolls. If a new one comes along, they can’t wait to try it. There are different types of sushi. However, the sushi most people know is the rolls with rice on the outside. These yummy delights are more satisfying than they appear. Sure, they’re small, but the combination of seafood, seaweed, and rice can fill you up fast. But not all sushi rolls are created equally.

In a TikTok video by Japanese food content creator @bokksu, they visit a restaurant with a different take on sushi. A restaurant called Sushiya No Nohachi makes its sushi with a single grain of rice. Yes, you heard us. But you need to see it to believe it. It's so tiny compared to the real thing!

That’s the most adorably impressive sushi we’ve ever seen! We can’t understand how a person can create such a small piece of sushi. The chefs at Sushiya No Nohachi are talented. But are the TikTok viewers blown away by these culinary treats? Let’s find out. User @Rocko exclaimed, “So cute!” @JedaiiXander joked, “Comments did not pass the vibe check. If you have to ask why - you don’t deserve to go. LOL.” @lindathefoodie revealed, “They clearly don’t know that people will literally shell out money for CUTE.” 

We couldn’t agree more, @lindathefoodie. Those sushi rolls are fabulous. Anyone who can visit this restaurant and order those rolls is very fortunate. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @bokksu’s TikTok channel for more Japanese food content. 

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