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Yale Student Shows Off Incredible Dining Hall Breakfast Spread and We're So Envious

Do you love a great breakfast buffet? You know, the kind the you would expect to see on a cruise ship with everything your heart desires? That’s not exactly what you picture when you think of a college dining hall. If you're like us, when you hear "dining hall," your mind probably thinks back to barely edible meats that needed a bottle of ketchup to get down and the mini milk cartons that stunk of cardboard. 

But that’s not what you’ll find at the Yale University dining hall. After you see this video, you might want to push your kids to apply to Yale, or at least pay the school a visit, just for the dining experience alone. Your dining hall was nothing like this!

This spread is definitely something to write home about! It looks as lovely as an upscale bistro, and you would never be able to leave this place hungry! Belgian waffles with cream cheese frosting and asparagus risotto with eggs for breakfast?! Are you kidding us?! If that doesn’t fill you up, you can grab a mouthwatering almond croissant or a Chunky Monkey bar, muffins, pastries, or just about anything else your heart desire. To wash it all down, you can use a nice glass for your milk, and it looks like there are several other choices, too. This definitely does not look like anything we have ever seen in a standard college dining hall. 

Reactions to this video came from inspired future students, like @imogen, who said, “I’m only applying for the food." Another commenter, @Lona added, “Going to apply just because of the breakfast." For those of us who won’t be visiting Yale anytime soon, user @mimi summed things up, saying, “I'll live vicariously through you." Yes, we will, too!

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