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Quick & Easy Cooking


The Ultimate Guide for a Tasty Picnic

A picnic should be a relaxing adventure. Here are my tips for planning and setting up the perfect picnic.


30 Days of Affordable Family-Friendly Dinner Ideas

Look no further for 30 days of budget-friendly, simple dinner ideas to make your week a little easier! Helpful for an affordable weekly meal plan that is also family-friendly.


Cooking for Two: Three Quick Meal Ideas for Under $20

While cooking for two might seem easy, people coming from a larger family, or a couple looking for dinner on a night home without the kids, may struggle to come up with ideas that work well for two people instead of their typical army. Here are some quick meals for two under $20.


How to Feed a Family of Six Three Tasty Meals for $100

The coronavirus pandemic suddenly catapulted us from the conveniences of fast food and restaurants to cooking at home the old-fashioned way. Here's a rundown of how I quickly fed a family three different meals for about a hundred bucks.


10 Delicious Muffin-Cup Meals

Think that 12-cup pan in your cupboard is only for baking muffins? Think again! Here are 10 recipes for perfect serving-size meals you can cook in a muffin tin.


6 Simple and Healthy Meals With Few Ingredients

Keep it simple but keep it real. Here are six super easy, nutritious and tasty meals with few ingredients. Most can be made in ten minutes or less time.


14 Easy Weeknight Dinners With 5 Ingredients or Less

These 14 easy weeknight dinners with 5 ingredients or less should really simplify your dinner plans without having to sacrifice taste or variety. You don't have to lose flavor for simplicity; just think about how to condense your ingredients.


What Are the Best Dishes to Bring to an Office Potluck?

Need ideas for an upcoming potluck at work or elsewhere? Here are some great options, along with suggestions of what not to bring.


A Four-Ingredient Crispy Batter Recipe for Anything and Everything

This crispy batter recipe for deep-frying works for pretty much anything. It delivers a crunchy texture that's absolutely mouthwatering.


One-Pan Wonders: From Pantry to Plate in 30 Minutes or Less

A complete meal cooked in one pot and ready in 30 minutes? Yes, it's possible. This is the tastiest, healthiest, best "fast food" for you and your family.


9 Ways to Simplify Meal-Planning for Busy Moms

Meal planning doesn't have to be stressful! Here are nine great meal-planning tips to help simplify your busy life by saving you time and money!


Taco Mania: A Marathon of Taco-Inspired Recipes

Tacos. What other food has so many different tastes and textures? The concept of "taco" has been translated into every possible dish—breakfast "sandwich," casserole, salad, pizza, soup—even dessert.


Get Bowled Over: Meals in a Bowl Your Family Will Love

Meal-in-a-Bowl has many names (buddha, hippy, yoga bowl). I just call it easy, fast, and healthy. Oh, and that healthy part? Trust me—we don't "do" boring here. Get ready for some serious yum.


Exploring Quesadillas: How Many Ways Can You Make Them?

Take this traditional Mexican treat beyond the basic tortilla and cheese. Unleash your creative side. I have more than a dozen different quesadilla recipe ideas to get you started.


12 Successful Kid-Friendly Recipes

Your kids will love these 12 recipes! How about homemade corny dogs, mummies in crescent rolls, snow ice cream, caramel apples, and many more? These recipes were all kid-tested by my grandchildren.


Potlucks and Cookouts: 20 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes

Potlucks—where else can you sample so many varieties of food cooked with love? Everyone brings their “I’m famous for this” dish. Here are the recipes you’ve been wanting.


How to Plan a Picnic: Menus, Recipes, and Packing Tips

If you love to picnic, everything you need is here: how to assemble a picnic kit, food safety guidelines, five different menus, and even recipes!


Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Combinations

Let me show you how to transform this simple comfort food of plain tomato soup and toasted cheese into something exciting!


Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Healthy: Lunch Ideas for Work!

Packing a lunch for work or school every day saves significant dollars every monthl. Here are some ideas for easy-to-make, healthy lunches for each day of the week!


14 Frugal and Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes From Scratch

Here you'll find fourteen recipes that are cheap, healthy, filling, and incredibly easy to cook. I love cooking with fresh ingredients and want to share that love with you!


Broke? Try This One-Week Meal Plan for a $20 Budget

This is a complete meal plan for a full week for under $20.


How to Plan a Picnic for 100: Cookouts for a Crowd!

Organizing a large picnic takes a lot of planning, but I've done it successfully many times. Let me show you what to do!