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Sandwiches & Wraps


10 Deliciously Different Duck Egg Sandwich Recipes

Duck eggs cooked in a variety of different ways with 10 tasty and imaginative ideas for how to serve them on a sandwich with a wide range of tasty accompaniments.


Chicken Bacon Pita Sandwich Recipe

The perfect end-of-summer dish! Great for picnics, too.


Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches: Make-Ahead School or Work Lunches

These sandwiches come together quickly and are so easy to make ahead of time for busy workweek lunches. They're a kid and adult favorite in our house.


8 Vintage Sandwich Filling Recipes From the 1930s

These are my grandmother's notes, written in the 1930s, about favorite sandwich fillings.


Shredded Chicken Sandwiches: A Family Favorite Recipe

A simple and easy dish the entire family will love!


Egg Salad Pancake Sandwich

Try this twist on a traditional egg salad pancake. Instead of bread, use pancakes!


Croque Monsieur (It's More Than a Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

The croque monsieur, a warm ham and cheese sandwich, is perhaps almost as famous as the Eiffel Tower. Learn how to make the perfect croque.


Patty Melt: The Perfect Roadside Diner Sandwich (and 3 Fun Spinoffs)

The patty melt, the hot cheesy sandwich made famous by a roadside diner in the 1950s, is still a hit today. Learn its history and how to make the best one ever!


The Legendary Hot Brown: Perhaps the World's Best Hot Sandwich

The hot brown is more than an open-faced hot turkey sandwich; it is a 100-year old piece of Americana. Let’s explore the history and learn how to re-create that flavor in your own home.


Exploring Sloppy Joes: Classic Recipe and Creative Spin-Offs

The Sloppy Joe is an American hot sandwich created in the early 20th century. Learn its history and cook up a dozen imaginative spin-offs (including a tasty vegetarian version).


80+ Delicious Mountain Pie Recipes

Looking to up your mountain pie game for your next cookout? Whether you call it a mountain pie, hobo pie, or a campfire pie, try one of these 80 plus delicious recipes. They are not just for camping anymore.


Making the Perfect Cubano Sandwich (and Much, Much More)

The Cubano is perhaps the perfect ham and cheese sandwich. Learn how to make this classic and create imaginative spinoffs.


10-Minute Spicy Onion Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Simple, quick, spicy, and juicy, this onion and tomato sandwich is guaranteed to satisfy! Recipe video included.


10 Ways to Make a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce and tomato is a hugely popular sandwich combination and this article provides 10 different recipes and ways in which you can take the humble BLT to whole new levels of tastiness.


10 Fried Potato Sandwich Recipes

Shallow fried potato discs are a delicious alternative to chips or fries with a meal but are also perfect for a sandwich. This article features 10 recipes for fried potato sandwiches to suit a wide variety of tastes and occasions.


10 Different and Original Corned Beef Sandwich Recipes

Corned beef is a very popular sandwich ingredient. The 10 recipe ideas featured here take the most humble of sandwiches to new tasty levels.


Potato Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This potato cheese sandwich recipe is very simple and can be prepared in minutes without any fancy ingredients. Serve it for breakfast or an evening snack.


Exploring Stromboli: 12 Ways to Make the Hot Deli Treat

This “Italian” baked sandwich isn’t really Italian at all. Let’s learn its history and explore 12 fun variations that you can make at home.


Ham Salad Sandwiches

Chopped ham, sweet relish, mustard, and red onions are all mixed together to give you a mouthwatering tea sandwich.


How to Make Open-Faced Cheesy Sardine Sandwiches

Do you enjoy eating sardines? Try my delicious open-faced cheesy sardine sandwich.


Exploring the Reuben Sandwich: Origins and 6 Great Recipes

The Reuben—an odd name for an amazing classic sandwich. Learn its origin, how to make the BEST one ever, and look at some fun spin-offs.


Recipe for Tasty Homemade Wraps

Learn how to make chicken, cheese and vegetable wraps for a great hot snack. I've included the recipe along with step-by-step instructions and my own photos.


How to Build a Better Sandwich: Buiding Blocks & Tasty Combos

Anyone can make a sandwich, but a memorable one is the perfect blend of bread, fillings, tastes, and textures. Here’s a list of imaginative ingredients and how to combine them to make the best sandwich!


Yummy Imitation Crabmeat Sandwiches

Are you looking for an easy and delicious recipe that includes imitation crabmeat? Give this recipe a try!


The Perfect BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) Sandwich

In celebration of National BLT Month, let's look at the history of the perfect food—otherwise known as bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich—and how to create a perfect one.


How to Make Homemade Egg Sandwich Spread

Give life to your boring hard-boiled egg by making it a delicious sandwich spread. Enjoy the freshness of homemade sandwich spread with any kind of bread.


A History of the Sandwich

The story is that the Earl of Sandwich (you can already see where this is going) created the first sandwich in the 18th century. The story is quite comprehensively wrong, although John Montagu, the fourth earl, did give his name to the concoction.


Belgian Blue Beef Burger, Cheese and Onion Eggy Bread Sandwich

A meaty and succulent Belgian blue beef burger topped with melted cheese and infused red onion between two slices of eggy bread is served with oven-roasted potato wedges.


Tea Sandwiches (Finger Sandwiches): Delicious Recipes for Special Occasions

Use these recipes for traditional or more contemporary sandwich flavor combinations to give an afternoon tea or special occasion luncheon a delicious flair.


Classic Club Sandwich Recipe

A classic club sandwich is a quick and easy meal. It is made with sliced bread, which may be toasted if you desire. It is then filled with deli meats, bacon, cheeses, and more! Try one today!


Pork Roll and Egg Sandwich

The iconic pork roll and egg (a.k.a. Taylor ham and egg) or the close cousin: the Bodega sandwich. Order it wrong here in New Jersey, and you get a smack upside the head. Don't be a schmuck!


Pulled Pork Sandwich Fit for a King

This pulled pork sandwich is otherworldly. It's so good, it's fit for a king (Elvis, that is)!


How to Make a Sweet Corn Sandwich in 15 Minutes

Making a healthy and yummy breakfast is everyone's wish. Try this corn sandwich to satisfy your taste buds. Plus, it's easy and quick to make.


10 Salt and Vinegar Crisp Sandwich Recipes

Salt and vinegar crisps are one of the most popular chip varieties and are perfect on a sandwich with items associated with the two seasonings. Here are 10 very different sandwich recipes.


How to Make a Green Coriander Chutney Sandwich

Cucumber, tomatoes, bread, butter, and green coriander chutney are the ingredients to make this sandwich. It's a bit like a grilled sandwich.


10 Ready Salted, or Plain, Crisp Sandwich Recipes

Ready salted may not appear to be the most exciting flavour of crisps, but their simplicity makes them suited to so many other tasty accompaniments on a sandwich, as evidenced in these recipes.


10 Cheese and Onion Crisp (Potato Chip) Sandwich Recipes

Crisp sandwiches make for a delicious snack or light meal, with cheese and onion being the favourite flavour of many. Here are 10 new recipes for enjoying these crisps on a sandwich.


10 Amazing Fish Finger Sandwich Recipes

Fish finger sandwiches can be a lot more than just bread and breadcrumbed fish. These imaginative recipes look at how to take the sandwiches to whole new levels of creativity and tastiness.


How to Make Open Bread Sandwiches

This is a very healthy breakfast that includes semolina, bread, yogurt, vegetables, corn, and green leaves. It took me about 20 minutes to make enough of these for two people.


How to Make a Ripe Plantain Sandwich (Nendra Banana Sandwich)

Ripe plantain sandwiches (Nendra banana sandwiches) are tasty and aromatic. They are hearty snacks that can be made in a jiffy. Children love this sweet finger food. It makes a healthy after-school snack, too. Try this recipe!


16 Amazingly Creative Sandwiches for Kids

I like that these sandwiches are healthy, so let’s look and have fun being creative.


Open-Faced Venison Steak Sandwich Recipe

This is a recipe for decadent steak sandwiches on hearty Texas-style garlic toast. One bite, and you'll be hooked.


It's a Wrap! The History of Wrap Sandwiches and 6 Recipes

The combination of food and flat bread is centuries old, but the marriage of the flour tortilla and "American" food originated with a baseball legend. Here you'll find the story and some fun recipe ideas.


Minnesota Cooking: Toaster Oven Cheese and Turkey Sandwich

Learn about a very quick and easy way to make a toasted, melted cheese and turkey sandwich in your toaster oven. Simply add horseradish sauce and, voila, it's a feast in your mouth.


Beef Banh Mi With Garlic Aioli Recipe

This is a Texan's interpretation of banh mi. I use less traditional ingredients that are easier to find at an average market. Plus, I share how to make a simple aioli that you can use in many dishes.


Rockin' Peppers and Eggs Sandwich Recipe

For a quick, easy, healthy meal try my rockin' peppers and eggs recipe. I add more veggies and a little bit of Asiago cheese to a traditional sandwich recipe. It's rockin' with flavor!


8 Fabulous Sandwiches for National Grilled Cheese Month

Is there anything more delicious, decadent, or comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich? I don't think so. But grilled cheese can be more than white bread and Velveta. Explore the possibilities!


The Best Damn Philly Cheesesteak You'll Ever Eat

Philly cheesesteak wars are a constant event between Pat's and Geno's in South Philly. My recipe has them both beat. Check it out.


15 Weird and Adventurous Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Looking for something new for your lunch box? How about a creative peanut sandwich with...


Leftover Holiday Ham "Pulled Pork" Sandwiches

You're really going to enjoy these leftover holiday ham "pulled pork" sandwiches. With all of the yummy spices from your holiday dinner already baked right in, any meal made with your leftover holiday ham is going to be scrumptious.