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Minnesota Cooking: Toaster Oven Cheese and Turkey Sandwich

Char lives in Minnesota, where she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and making yummy treats for her family.

A batch of toaster oven cheese and turkey sandwiches.

A batch of toaster oven cheese and turkey sandwiches.

Getting Creative With the Toaster Oven

We use our toaster oven to make toast. My hubby and I keep the setting on medium toast, which makes the bread lightly browned. We usually put a little pat of butter on the bread once it is done cooking.

It's fairly straightforward to make toast: Put bread in. Push button. Bread cooks. Toaster stops. Take toast out. Spread with butter. Butter melts. It's all good.

This sandwich recipe gets a little more creative than that.


  • Bread
  • Turkey
  • Cheese
  • Horseradish sauce


  1. Take two pieces of bread and spread one with butter. Do not butter the other piece, but place a piece of cheese and a couple pieces of sliced turkey on it.
  2. Put the bread in the toaster oven, and then press the button to toast. When the toaster cycle is done, remove the two pieces of bread with their respective toppings. Place them on a plate, butter side up and cheese and turkey side up. Squirt some horseradish sauce on top of the turkey and cheese side.
  3. Take the buttered toast and place it, butter side down, on top of the cheese and turkey toasted bread.
  4. Now, slice the sandwich into halves or into quarters, and enjoy.