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5 Creative Ways to Use Sugar-Free Green Apple Syrup

Kristie Leong M.D. is a family practitioner who believes in the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent and fight illness.

Green apple syrup can lend a great flavor to various dishes.

Green apple syrup can lend a great flavor to various dishes.

Have you tried sugar-free green apple syrup? It’s delicious if you know how to use it. You can buy it online from a variety of vendors, typically those that sell coffee syrups.

When you use sugar-free syrup, you don’t have to worry about consuming sugar or calories. Most versions contain zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Some versions are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and others with natural sweeteners like Stevia.

With its tart but sweet apple flavor, you might wonder what are some ways to use this syrup and enjoy it in beverages and recipes? Let’s look at some creative strategies for using it.

1. Barbecue Sauce

If you love sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, green apple syrup will up your barbecue game. Just mix it with a bit of water (or vinegar) and your favorite barbecue sauce. The amount you add depends on how much green apple flavor you crave.

If you're looking for something spicier, mix tomato paste, garlic salt, paprika powder, and chili powder with a small quantity of the green apple syrup for an extra kick. Use it as a sauce when you cook vegetables and meat. It will add flavor without overpowering your dish.

If you want both sweet and spicy at once: Mix equal parts green apple syrup and hot sauce together in separate bowls; pour half over chicken wings or vegan chicken wings before baking them in the oven.

2. Homemade Salad Dressing

When making green apple vinaigrette, use the syrup as a substitute for vinegar. Just add it to your favorite oil and whisk until it’s blended.

For a simple dressing with lots of flavor, mix 1/4 cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), 1/4 cup honey or agave nectar, and 2 tablespoons of green apple syrup. It tastes delicious drizzled over a salad with walnuts, raisins, and Gorgonzola cheese.

3. Marinade for Meat

To add sweetness and flavor to chicken, fish, or pork tenderloin marinade, substitute green apple syrup for honey or maple syrup in your marinade recipe. It will bring out the flavor of other ingredients in your marinade such as soy sauce, garlic, and ginger.

4. Cocktail or Other Beverage

Add green apple syrup to your favorite cocktail—a little bit goes a long way! For example, add a tablespoon or two per glass when preparing drinks like margaritas or mojitos. Then watch them come alive with bright fruit flavor that won't overdo the drink's sweetness levels. Use it as a substitute for regular sugar syrup in vodka, rum, or whiskey drinks like the Greyhound or Dark and Stormy. If you don’t want alcohol, you still have options:

  • Add the syrup to sparkling water or club soda for a refreshing non-alcoholic mocktail. One part syrup to 7 parts water or soda works well. Don’t forget to add a garnish.
  • Add it to coffee or hot chocolate for an extra bit of sweetness.
  • Add a small quantity of it to lemonade and mix well for a unique twist on this summer beverage.
  • Add a small quantity to your next smoothie.

5. Savory and Sweet Recipes

Add green apple syrup to cheese plates by drizzling it over high quality cheeses like cheddar, Gouda, and aged Parmesan. Serve alongside nuts such as almonds or cashews for an added crunch element (and bonus nutrients). Other delicious ideas to try:

  • Use it as a topping for pancakes or waffles.
  • Drizzle it on ice cream or frozen yogurt or mix it into base ingredients before freezing for an even stronger flavor boost.
  • Add a few drops of it to plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for a sweet treat low in calories and carbs but high in protein, calcium, and other nutrients for a healthier twist on dessert.

A Unique Flavor

Sugar-free green apple syrup is delicious in sweet or savory dishes, and provides the ideal amount of sweetness without added sugar. Get creative and you’ll find many ways to enjoy this tart but sweet syrup in your recipes. With no sugar, it’s guilt free!


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