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How to Make Cultured Strawberry Preserves at Home

Amelia has served her family whole, cultured foods for over a decade, improving health by improving nutritional value and digestibility.

One tasty way to enjoy your cultured berries.

One tasty way to enjoy your cultured berries.

When the June-bearing strawberries come in, we have quite a glut of the sweet, red gems. Naturally, the first few pounds are eaten fresh, right off the plant. After that, they begin to make it to the table or in a salad. Then, they begin to appear in desserts, often with rhubarb. But finally, we cannot keep up, and we begin to make cultured strawberry preserves. This zingy, effervescent condiment is very popular in our home. Our favorite way to consume it is mixed with cultured milk.

It is usually devoured quickly but can last for two months in the refrigerator, and the berries will maintain a nice texture. If you choose not to completely mash your berries, the whole pieces remain fairly firm. The recipe calls for a capsule of quality probiotic. The capsules I use can do up to three quarts.

Ingredients for Cultured Strawberry Preserves

  • 1 quart fresh strawberries, stems removed, chopped
  • 1 capsule probiotic
  • 1 quart-sized mason jar

Culturing Strawberries

  1. Place the strawberries into a jar. Large strawberries should be chopped up, but smaller ones can remain whole.
  2. Open the probiotic capsule and pour it over the strawberries.
  3. Mash until the juice covers the strawberries or more until desired consistency is achieved.
  4. Place the lid and band on the jar and place it in a warm place for two days.
  5. Refrigerate.

The Finished Product

The finished product should smell pleasantly tangy. Bubbles are normal and desirable. It's a really simple way to process your strawberries in the midst of harvest and keep them from going to waste without frightening canning equipment, without sugar, and without heating up your kitchen. At the same time, it turns an expensive, tiny little pill, into a quart or more of quality probiotics.

If you would like to enjoy your preserves as a spread, simply strain out the juice and drink it separately as a probiotic beverage or smoothie base

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The Benefits of Probiotics

The benefits of probiotic foods, such as cultured strawberry preserves are myriad. In fact, it is impossible to live with a sterile gut, and the organisms that make these strawberries effervescent are the same that allow your digestive tract to work. You see, intestines are made of a sort of mesh, and what keeps food in that mesh is the bacteria that live there.

Without these bacteria (probiotics), food would simply seep into the blood where it would be attacked by the immune system. When this happens, an allergic reaction occurs. Things like gluten are intolerable in the bloodstream and so the body fights back. Incorporating probiotics such as cultured strawberries and fermented bean paste into your diet can help keep undigested food where it belongs.

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