Easy Pickled Jalapeño Recipe

Updated on October 25, 2017

For All Jalapeño Lovers

After a trip to México, the chili capital of the world, I got hooked on jalapeño chili peppers. I eat them at any opportunity! In Peru, buying a jar of imported jalapeños can be quite expensive. However, on a recent trip to Chinatown, Lima, I found to my delight that I would now be able to feed my chili fix cheaply because I could buy fresh jalapeños by the kilo. No more store-bought pickles!

I'm basing this recipe on one passed on to me by a good friend who understands that life without jalapeños isn’t an option. I’ve made a couple of tweaks, like adding smoked jalapeños (a.k.a. chipotle), my other addiction! This recipe is based on 20 large jalapeños, but go ahead and make a big batch like I did. I got hold of just over a kilo (about 2 pounds), 70 jalapeños in total, and filled these two jars.

Cooking time

Preparation: 10 mins to wash and chop

Cooking: About 10 mins to boil pickling liquid

Resting time: 10 mins before bottling

Chop your jalapenos into small rings
Chop your jalapenos into small rings | Source


  • 20 Large jalapeño peppers
  • 1 1/2 cups Water
  • 1 1/2 cups White vinegar
  • 6 tablespoons White sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Salt
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 1 teaspoon Oregano

How to make your pickles

  1. Put all your ingredients except the jalapeños into a pan: water, sugar, salt, vinegar, garlic (one clove crushed the other whole) & oregano and bring to the boil.
  2. Add the chopped jalapeños to the pan of pickling liquid and stir for 1 minute. Take the pan off the heat and leave to cool for about 10 mins. Stir every so often so that all the jalapeños enjoy your pickling mixture. You will see them change colour slightly form dark green to the recognizable olive green hue.
  3. Scoop out the jalapeños and place them into your clean storage jars. Fill up the remainder of the jars with your pickling liquid. Secure the lids and store in the fridge.

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Clean your beautiful Jalapeños Chop them into ringsStill thinking what to do with my leftovers Crush the garlicAdd ingredients into the pan and bring to the boil You will notice a change in colour, this is normal.Add a favourite ingredient to your pickles for storage in the fridge.Enjoy your finished product.
Clean your beautiful Jalapeños
Clean your beautiful Jalapeños | Source
Chop them into rings
Chop them into rings | Source
Still thinking what to do with my leftovers
Still thinking what to do with my leftovers | Source
Crush the garlic
Crush the garlic | Source
Add ingredients into the pan and bring to the boil
Add ingredients into the pan and bring to the boil | Source
You will notice a change in colour, this is normal.
You will notice a change in colour, this is normal. | Source
Add a favourite ingredient to your pickles for storage in the fridge.
Add a favourite ingredient to your pickles for storage in the fridge. | Source
Enjoy your finished product.
Enjoy your finished product. | Source

Do you know your chillies?

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Spice it up a bit

Add your own touch to your pickles by adding to your filled jars of jalapeños a little of your favorite ingredient. Try adding more whole garlic cloves, whole red chilli or smoke it up by adding chopped dried chipotle peppers.

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      • lemonkerdz profile imageAUTHOR


        21 months ago from LIMA, PERU

        Thanks vespawoolf for your input. Be careful they are addictive. I made 2 large Milner jars full to the brim, one jar is 3/4 gone after just 2 weeks.

        Enjoy your jalapeños.

      • vespawoolf profile image

        Vespa Woolf 

        21 months ago from Peru, South America

        These jalapeños are the bomb! I wasn’t sure about the sugar but I have to say these taste better than store bought. I added a couple of bay leaves for good measure. Next time I’ll add extra garlic because it’s so delicious. Thanks for this great recipe.

      • lemonkerdz profile imageAUTHOR


        23 months ago from LIMA, PERU

        Thanks Mary Wickison your time will come where you will get a surprise at the market. I couldn’t get any for years here in Peru so I had to pickle a 1kg while I had them.

      • Blond Logic profile image

        Mary Wickison 

        23 months ago from Brazil

        Although I can't get jalapenos where I live, I will try this with other chilies. Thanks for the recipe and instructions.


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