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Easy Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe

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Frozen strawberry jam? I think yes.

Frozen strawberry jam? I think yes.

Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe With Sure-Jell

This recipe is a sweet treat that can be spread on a bagel, or toast, or used as a topping for ice cream. Making freezer jam with Sure-Jell is so easy that you can make several cans of this yummy treat in mere hours.

Having many jars prepared ahead of time can make an excellent gift for any event, whether a housewarming gift for a new neighbor or a present for your child's teacher. Make sure to dress it up using a cute-looking mason jar, take a square piece of fabric tie it on the top. Everyone will enjoy this excellent easy-to-make jam!


  • 2 cup strawberries, mashed
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1 box Sure-Jell
  • 3/4 cups water


  1. Choose smaller strawberries, as they are sweeter, and make better jam. I also like to wait until they are dark red, right before they spoil, as these are also especially sweet. Make sure to wash strawberries of all dirt and chemicals, cut off stems and spoiled portions.
  2. Once the strawberries are washed and cut, take a potato masher, then mash up your fruits until they are like soup.
  3. Once the strawberries are mashed thoroughly, take 2 cups of mashed-up strawberries, measure out 4 cups of sugar, and mix. It is essential to measure the cups as precisely as possible to gel well.
  4. Once mixed, set a timer for 10 minutes. The mixture should sit for at least 10 minutes for the sugar to dissolve well. Throughout this time, occasionally stir.
  5. Prepare the Sure-Jell. Other types of pectin work well, but this is the brand I choose. Prepare this mixture on the stove, as the box indicates. It is good to wait until your mixture has been sitting for at least 10 minutes since you will need to mix it with your strawberries immediately.
  6. Once prepared, immediately stir the Sure-Jell into your strawberry mixture, stirring rapidly. Continue to stir for at least 3 minutes after you add the Sure-Jell.
  7. Then pour into containers. Old peanut butter jars work well, as well as Mason jars. Fill it to about a half-inch below the lid.
  8. If you have more strawberries, then begin again at step one. Do not double your recipe, as the pectin will not gel well if doubled.
  9. After all, the jars have been filled, close them and set them aside for 24 hours, at least giving them time to become the consistency of jelly. After it has been set out for an entire day, you can place it into the freezer and give it away to friends.

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