The Best Guacamole Recipe of All Time

Guacamole is hands down a crowd-pleaser and sure to spruce up just about any meal. This recipe has been my go-to for over 15 years and has never been beat. It's super easy and quick to prepare, and it will disappear just about as fast as you can make it!


How to Make Mango Jam

Mango jam is one of the most delicious jams I have eaten or made. This jam is not only good for spreading on top of your bread and sandwiches, but it can also be used for a fruity and creamy cake filling.


Summer Corn Cob Jelly Recipe

Did you know that corn cob jelly is a thing? And that it tastes like summer in a jar? Actually, it tastes a whole lot like honey. I was able to make three pints of corn cob jelly from four cobs. It was super easy, too. Learn how to make this delicious recipe.


Christmas-Spiced Quince Jelly Recipe

Quinces are a delicious but under-used fruit. Somewhere between an apple and a pear, they are too hard to be eaten raw, but they make a delicious jelly that's perfect for a Christmas breakfast or an awesome homemade holiday gift!


Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Hot and sweet at the same time, what’s not to like? A fantastic garnish to stir-fried Singapore noodles, or a tasty dipping sauce for summer rolls, it’s a versatile sauce to have on hand. Enjoy!


8 Ways to Use Hot Sauce

There are so many different cultures all around the world with vast variance in cuisine, but no matter what country you're in or from, you can always find dish options that pack a little heat in the form of hot sauce.


Simple Salsa Recipes

Salsa—not just a Tex-Mex dip. Salsa is a heart-healthy mix of fruits and vegetables with so many flavor combinations. I'll show you how to make a salsa you will love.