Cherry and Black Grape Jam in the Crockpot

Making cherry and black grape jam in the crockpot is going to be so easy, you'll be surprised that you didn't think to do this for yourself before now. This recipe turns juicy cherries and crispy grapes into a sweet, smooth, yummy concoction that you can enjoy with toast or biscuits.


Pressure-Canning Sweet Corn Off the Cob

This recipe will help you with pressure-canning sweet corn off the cob. Summertime is wonderful, if not just because corn is in season, and the best of it goes on sale at my local organic food store. We love everything about corn, like cream corn, corn broth, tamales, and especially corn on the cob.


Water Bath Canning Homemade Peach Salsa

This article is about water bath canning peach salsa. This process is really quick and easy. We get an amazing end product that we can enjoy all year round. This salsa is slightly spicy and really sweet—filled with all kinds of wonderful fruit and vegetables. I highly recommend it!


Pressure Canning Green Beans

This recipe is about pressure canning green beans. By preserving my own food, not only do I get to control the ingredients that go into the food we're eating, but I get to provide my family with delicious, nutritious food all year round.


Gooseberry Jam Recipe

If you've never tasted a gooseberry, June is the perfect time. Make a tasty jam from these green berries, and surprise your friends with the fresh, sweet, tart flavor, as well as the unusual color.