A Second One-Day Gluten-Free, Vegan Meal Plan

Updated on December 5, 2017
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I have a diploma in vegan and vegetarian nutrition and enjoy experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.


I've spent a fair bit of time on Pinterest lately, mostly looking up new recipes to try. It's the giant recipe book I keep in my phone. I love the fact that it is so visual so I can see exactly what the finished results are like (or at least what they should be like! I think we've all had some unfortunate Pinterest fails). I love recipes books with lots of pictures so Pinterest suits this perfectly. I've found I tend to do a lot of pinning and then rarely go back to those; instead I end up searching for what I want and then making it. So I have spent some time this month reorganising my boards and pins to make them more user friendly and of course added a whole load more.

One thing I have had popping up lately has been smoothie bowls. I've heard of them before but couldn't really see the great attraction. I prefer my smoothies thinner than a lot of people so the idea of an even thicker one didn't appeal to me. Both my younger sons love yoghurt and until recently I hadn't really been a great fan. Then I discovered Alpro Go On and fell in love. It's a really thick, almost solid yoghurt that is similar to Greek yoghurt and comes in small pots with fruit or plain. I started having the plain version with fruit, apple crumble or granola and really enjoyed it so when smoothie bowls can up in a Pinterest search yesterday; I thought it would be worth a try. I figured that an extra thick smoothie isn't that different from yoghurt. I decided I would give one a try for breakfast the next day.

Breakfast: Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Bowl

I choose a recipe from Meal Makeover Mums for a peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl. I am not a fan of chocolate flavour things like ice cream but really like the combination of bananas and peanut butter so decided to try it out anyway. The recipe states that the finished bowl has 10g of protein and 7g of fibre. I whizzed it all up in my blender and it wasn't as thick as I expected. Poured half into a bowl and topped with half a sliced banana, some little hoops cereal and a few cashew nuts. I can't remember the brand of the cereal as I've had it for a while in a Tupperware tub. I bought it originally for my son so it may have been from the baby food section.

The smoothie was delicious and the bits of crunch from the cereal and nuts were just right. I feel this combination would be lovely as ice cream so I've added that idea to my ever growing to-do list. My 18 month old enjoyed the smoothie bowl too so it was a hit all round. Plus there is enough left for tomorrows breakfast.

Banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl. A delicious, healthy and protein packed vegan breakfast.
Banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl. A delicious, healthy and protein packed vegan breakfast. | Source

Lunch: Tofu Scramble with Chestnut Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes

I was pretty late coming to eat tofu and the first time I tried it, I really wasn't keen on the texture and thought it was very plain and uninteresting. My first thought was that the texture reminded me of scramble eggs, which really didn't work in stir fry. Since then I have learnt about the different types of tofu and how it is like a sponge for any flavours you wish to add. I've heard of tofu scramble and seen many recipes but never actually tried it. In our house tofu is generally bread crumbed and fried or marinated and added to rice or stir fries. I am planning to make tofu katsu tomorrow so now was a good time to use up the remaining half a block of tofu and give scrambles a try. I chose a recipe from Fork and Beans and used Marigold stock powder. I added some sliced baby chestnut mushrooms and quartered cherry tomatoes and fried those with the crumbled tofu.

I didn't think it tasted particularly egg like but the texture and flavour was really good. I will definitely make this again and have ordered some black salt online, as I've read that this helps to give the tofu a egg-like taste.

I followed this recipe to create the scramble and added in some fried baby chestnut mushrooms, quartered cherry tomatoes and sliced red onion.

I also had crisps and some dark chocolate.

Tofu scramble with cherry tomatoes and baby chestnut mushrooms.
Tofu scramble with cherry tomatoes and baby chestnut mushrooms. | Source

Dinner - Jacket Potato with Homemade Coleslaw and Sweetcorn

I like jacket potatoes as a nice, simple but filling dinner when I have lots of other things to do, or don't feel like cooking. Simply pop them in the oven and an hour later out comes delicious fluffy potatoes with a crispy crunchy skin. I often have sweetcorn and sliced leeks fried in a little Pure spread on jacket potato but fancied something different.

To create the coleslaw for this recipe I finely sliced some white cabbage and red onion. I used a spiraliser to prepare the carrot but this could be grated instead. I then mixed these together and added some vegan salad cream. Pop this on top on the hot, split potato and top with tinned or cooked and cooled sweetcorn.

Jacket potato with homemade coleslaw and sweetcorn. Yummy vegan and gluten free dinner.
Jacket potato with homemade coleslaw and sweetcorn. Yummy vegan and gluten free dinner. | Source

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