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Eating Cooked vs. Raw/Living Foods: My Experience

I enjoy writing about health and wellness. It is a joy to share this living lifestyle with readers.

A selection of raw fruits.

A selection of raw fruits.

A Realization From a Slice of Pie

When we consume whole, living foods instead of a diet that is based on cooked foods, our bodies can experience a new level of energy and healthfulness.

In the past, when I ate a slice of apple pie, I noticed that, within minutes, my energy level dropped lower than where it had been before I ate the slice. Pay attention to your emotions and energy levels before and after eating meals. You will come to realize that food is your best medicine.

Living foods are rich with nutrients and enzymes.

Living foods are rich with nutrients and enzymes.

Fountain of Youth

When a fruit or vegetable is growing, it holds within itself a great deal of life-preserving nutrients and enzymes. When we consume nutrient-deficient foods, we rob our bodies of the support they need, and we force the enzymes within our bodies to work overtime to break down the foods we have consumed.
Each living food carries within itself the ability to aid with digestion and elimination within the body.

Each time we eat these nutrient- and living enzyme-rich foods, we allow the body to maintain a level of health and endurance. When we choose to consume foods lacking these essential nutrients and enzymes, the body doesn’t know how to process these foods. This causes havoc within our bodies.

A raw green smoothie.

A raw green smoothie.

My Experience With Raw Foods

My experience with raw/living foods has been one of great joy and amazing "aha" moments. From the moment I learned about the concept, it all made perfect sense. I instinctively knew that this way of eating was the answer for me, the answer that I’ve longed for since my teenage years.

Why do I say that? At the age of 13, I began my monthly cycle, and like many girls my age, I suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps. Every month on the first and second day, I either stayed home from school or went and left early. I would come home and run a tub of hot water, then lay in it all day and night to cope with the excruciating pain.

I did this from age 13 until I met my raw/living foods and spiritual growth mentor, Beverly Medley. When she spoke, I listened keenly. She told me that my cramps were food-related and that it had to do with my colon needing cleansing.

Keep an Open Mind

In keeping an open mind regarding raw/living foods, it has provided me with an opportunity to experience an amazing way of life: one that heals, nourishes, strengthens, and sustains the human body and spirit.

Eat more fresh, uncooked greens.

Eat more fresh, uncooked greens.

The Cleanse

It didn’t all make sense, but I was willing to do the cleanse because as a child in Jamaica our parents ensured we received seasonal colon cleanses. Once I completed the colon cleanse, I immediately felt a huge difference and my cramps became non-existent.

My mentor showed up at my house with the herbs to cleanse my colon and a book in her hand. She also gave me instructions on how to do an enema and use the colon cleansing herbs to achieve my desired goal of ridding myself of these monthly cramps.

I followed the instructions and began taking the herbs and eliminating all meats from my diet except for poultry and seafood. A short time later, I eliminated chicken and replaced it with tofu, and soon after that I removed seafood, as well. I received a significant energy boost from removing these cooked foods from my consumption.

My menstrual cramps were no longer an issue for me. I could function normally on the first and second day of my menstrual cycle. I had a considerable amount of energy from eliminating foods that were not the best for me because now I have removed them and feeling amazing.

Fresh herbs and tomatoes.

Fresh herbs and tomatoes.

Raw Foods Are My Passion

I can honestly say that I have never felt this much pure energy in my life—except for a few of my childhood years in Jamaica. From my first introduction to raw/living foods, I have been amazed, and I still am today. This diet has become an essential part of my life and will continue to stay that way.

I have been able to share my knowledge and experience with many family members and friends, many of whom have adopted some or most of what they have learned. I have taught classes to students, parents, the general public, and customers of my raw/living foods meal prep. There is no sweeter reward than helping another person be healthier. This is my passion!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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