Vegan Pease Pudding and Roasted Vegetable Patties

Updated on August 4, 2020
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Pease pudding and roasted vegetable patties
Pease pudding and roasted vegetable patties | Source

What Is Pease Pudding?

Pease pudding is a British savoury vegan dish made from boiled yellow split peas and spices. Otherwise known as 'pease porridge', it is most often cooked with bacon or ham, and sometimes served with beetroot. It is yellow in colour, has a mild taste and a similar texture to hummus.

Although it was once eaten widely throughout England, it is now mainly consumed in the northeast of England. In the region's largest city, Newcastle upon Tyne as well as its surrounding areas, it is known as 'Geordie caviar' ('Geordie' being a nickname for people from this part of England).

With such simple ingredients, there are naturally many worldwide variations, including Greek fava, which is the most easily comparable. More variations include German Erbspüree, and Chinese wandouhuang, which is a chilled sweet version. In Newfoundland, Canada, it is a traditional element of 'Jiggs dinner'.

How I Came Up With This Recipe

I first came across this simple dish very recently while researching traditional British food and looking for vegan recipes. Since learning about it, I have been wondering about what the possibilities as an ingredient are.

In particular, I was intrigued by the idea of using it to make a beany variation of 'bubble and squeak'—a British classic that involves the combining and frying of leftover mashed potato and vegetables, such as cabbage and carrots. My idea was to swap the mashed potatoes for pease pudding.

In this recipe, I have used leftover roasted peppers and onions and combined them with the pudding. But on reflection, calling this dish pease pudding bubble and squeak is probably a step too far—so I have named it pease pudding and roasted vegetable patties instead.

The sweet, tangy, caramelised roasted vegetables pair wonderfully with the mild taste and creamy texture of the stewed yellow split peas.

I have used chickpea flour (also known as besan flour or gram flour) to thicken the pudding, enabling it to hold its shape when fried. Chickpea flour, of all flours, most resembles the flavour of yellow split peas, but if you do not have any, cornflour/cornstarch will also work well.

On this occasion, I have left this recipe relatively simple, but you can customize it based on what you are pairing it with. Extra spices, such as thyme and rosemary, would all work beautifully. Smoked paprika would also mimic the smoky meatiness of the traditional bacon or ham very well. If by chance your vegetables have been roasted with balsamic vinegar, the tang of the vinegar will perfectly complement the creamy yellow split peas.

Cook Time

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 25 min
Yields: 2 patties


  • 1 (220 gram / 7.7oz) can pease pudding
  • 160 grams / 5.64 oz leftover roasted vegetables, chopped into small chunks
  • 1 teaspoon chickpea flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • Salt and peper, to taste


  1. Empty your pease pudding from the can into a bowl. Using a fork, break apart and smooth. Add 1 teaspoon of chickpea flour and mix.
  2. Chop your leftover roasted vegetables into small chunks. Add around half of the roasted vegetables to the pudding and mix, ensuring that the vegetable chunks are well distributed.
  3. Add the rest of your roast vegetables, again ensuring that all the vegetables are well distributed. Add salt and pepper to taste. Separate your mixture into two equal portions.
  4. To prevent the mixture from sticking, add a little flour to your hands. Using your hands, roll the first portion of your pudding and vegetable mixture into a ball. Repeat with the second portion. Lay on a lightly floured surface, ready to cook.
  5. Add 2 teaspoons of oil to a hot frying pan. When the oil is sizzling, add your patty 'balls' to the hot oil. Using a spatula, gently flatten each ball into a patty shape.
  6. Fry until the underside of each patty is golden brown. This should take around 3 minutes.
  7. Flip each patty and fry again until the underside is golden brown and slightly crispy.
  8. Serve warm.

Serving Suggestions

I like to enjoy these delicious patties with a dollop of peri peri sauce, a squeeze of lime, and a sprinkling of coriander/cilantro and spring onions/scallions.

The sweet vegetables and creamy yellow split pea patties also make a delicious match for juicy olives and a fresh salad of tomatoes and rocket. Enjoy this combination as part of a tasty and light summer lunch.

© 2020 Kathryn Worthington


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    • Kathryn Worthington profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathryn Worthington 

      4 months ago from Oxford, UK

      Hi Donna! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one. Foresight pease pudding (which is the one I have used in this recipe) does contain gluten, but as the basic ingredients are yellow split peas (which are gluten free) this should not always be the case for other shop-bought brands. You could also try making pease pudding yourself using this recipe I hope this helps!

    • Donna-Rayne profile image

      Donna Rayne 

      5 months ago from Greenwood, In

      Kathryn, this dish sounds interesting. Do you know if it is gluten-free or how to make changes to make it gf? Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe!


      Donna Rayne

    • Kathryn Worthington profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathryn Worthington 

      5 months ago from Oxford, UK

      Hi Raymond! I'm glad you like the recipe - and I hope you enjoy 'Geordie caviar' when you try it!

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 

      5 months ago from The Netherlands

      Next time I visit Newcastle I think I’ll try the Geordie caviar. The recipe looks delicious.


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