What to Expect on the Shopping List of Paleo-Recommended Foods

Updated on September 17, 2016
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The Paleo diet is patterned after the dietary plan of the pre-historic man, who did not have to confront dietary deficiencies just by living on organic meals. Getting the best results for high health is deliberate and does not come by wishful thinking or mere great expectations.

There is little to motivate anyone about as eating what makes you healthy and possibly prolong your life is enough incentive. Professional athletes already understand what it is to be subjected to strict dietary plans. Preparing for competitions, they know they must avoid a number of meals and stick to others in order to be in shape for the best results.

What to Expect

The Paleo diet recipe encourages adherents to say no to certain meals and say yes, to others. Living by this dietary plan is possible and flexible as it entails following a laid-out plan of recipes, menus, and shopping list. Living on fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies and certain fats is the outline of the Paleo plan.

Avoiding grains, refined sugar, and additive-rich vegetable oil in your diet complete the healthy living dietary outline to follow. The guidelines in this article have been gleaned from expert research and our proven beliefs on what is possible and realistic for daily benchmarks in calories count or nutritional balance. Pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and animal abuse, make foods inappropriate for consumption and unfit for Paleo recommended diets.

Recommended Eating List

Take a look at the list below and follow the outlined plan


Organic fruits that are sourced locally present the best bet for fruit recommendation. For those trying to lose weight, they must limit their consumption to a piece or two of these fruits daily. Over-use or consumption of fruits can lead to extra build up of calories.

Carbohydrates accumulate when there is consumption without corresponding physical activity to burn it up.


Vegetables are generally acceptable in this dietary plan. Sweet potatoes are welcome on the list and a good fill.

The recommendation for vegetables like fruits is that, the closer it is to the sourcing ground or farm, the higher the retention levels of its nutrients when consumed.

People should buy local when shopping for vegetables, fresh and in an untainted state before consumption.

Eggs and Meat

The best and recommended meats or eggs on the Paleo list should be sourced from free ranging animals and those that feed on grass or uninhibited pasture. Meats without preservatives, flavor enhancers or color are preferable and nutritionally certified.

  • Organ Meat
  • Beef
  • Goat
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Eggs – from quails, emu, ducks, among others

Fish and Fish Meals

All species of fish are acceptable. It is important that fish from best ecological settings and un-contaminated with mercury are consumed. It is common knowledge that fish species of smaller sizes have less accumulation of toxins and heavy metals but high concentrations of Omega-3 nutrients.

Seeds And Nuts

All seeds and nuts meals are considered good for consumption and high on Paleo ratings. However, legumes like peanuts are not recommended, but flour from coconuts and almonds are good on the diet plan.

Consumption should be limited to not more than 2 ounces every day for those on a weight loss plan.

Sea Grown Vegetables

Sea grown vegetables are good on the list of foods and have great effects. Examples include; algae, seaweeds, kombu and Wakame, etc.


  • Walnut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Olive oil-extra virgin
  • Hazelnut oil


  • Filtered or spring water
  • Herbal tea
  • Coconut water
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits

Meals that Require Moderate Consumption

These meals are to be eaten in moderation

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Dried fruit
  • Alcohol
  • Sweeteners-Honey, maple syrup , measures of coconut sap and Caffeinated teas

Important Takeaways

*Freshness in Delivery

The fresher it is when food items are delivered for consumption, the better it is for the Paleo rating, Foods like fruits and vegetables get devalued in nutrient levels when preserved over time. Transportation over a long distance necessitates preservation, the longer it takes to deliver to the ports of consumption, the lesser the nutrients that are retained in them. It is better to consume fruits or vegetables that are fresh and free from preservatives. This is the best practice for Paleo recommended fruit and vegetables consumption.

*Animal Harvest

Animals and animal products that are prepared from organically grown grass and pasture are healthy for consumption. There is a growing practice of growing animals on inorganic feed and growth boosters. This increases the nitrite content levels which in turn exposes individuals to disproportionate nutrient, acidity and alkalinity.

Animals from free range are better consumed and high on nutrients featuring on the Paleo recommended list. The challenge remains for people to identify organic food outlets and make sure that their meals are so structured.

*Moderation Recommended foods

Meals on the moderation list like coffee and Alcohol are not prohibited. Their consumption is pitched to be limited so as to avoid untoward results. Foods, not on the moderation list are also qualified for limited use for individuals who are;

  • Professional athletes
  • On weight loss regimen
  • On special medication
  • On health watch

On a general note, these moderated foods increase the risk of exposure to disease, acidity and alkalinity and are better limited if not avoided.

* Cost Implications

It is also important to note that the Paleo plan is unlike some programs that are cost intensive. It is built around everyday foods that can be sourced from in our neighborhood and at a non prohibitive cost. Vegetables and fruits can be home grown just like poultry products.

Animals can be husbanded and reared cheaply, providing healthy content levels that fit nutritive balance. Whenever possible, animal products, eggs and meat obtained from organic feed fodder are healthier for development of body tissues, organs and immune systems.

What remains as a threshold after knowing what the Paleo diet is all about and what the recommended foods are, is to learn about the foods that are to be avoided, and how to substitute them

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