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22 of the Best Vegan Hawaiian BBQ Recipes: Local's Guide

Kalua "pork" plate lunch, caramelized ginger papaya rings, garlic mojo yuca fries, and more in this comprehensive guide to vegan BBQ. Plus, grilling tips and tricks and how to make the perfect sauce!


Vegan Pizza: All You Need to Know

Vegan pizza is a thing. Having worked for years in a busy pizza restaurant, I became adept at baking them. I have since turned my hand to making delicious vegan versions, with a wide variety of toppings on a thin crispy base.


Five Vegan Spreads That Aren't Hummus

From mung bean hummus to smoky eggplant dip, vegans have the spreads and dips market cornered.


Three High-Protein Vegan Dishes: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

There are many myths surrounding vegans and their protein requirements. Here I list a typical day's intake for me, followed by three great protein-rich recipes, as well as some words on the subject from a doctor.


Four Filling Vegan Breakfasts

Away from my usual porridge oats, there are many filling vegan breakfasts that will get me through the morning. There's overnight oats, sweet French toast with fruit, savoury French toast with sausage, and a tofu scramble burrito. Start your day with these, and say goodbye to grouchy mornings.


Why Do Vegans Think Honey Is Cruel?

Many vegans avoid honey because of the way beekeeping techniques can stress bee colonies.


Five Vegan Stovetop Breads

When the oven gives up the ghost, there's no need to give up tasty bread. We have roti, chapati, leavened flatbread, Irish soda bread farls and singing hinnies.


Three Tasty Vegan Dishes Using Mashed Potato

Mashed potato is the mainstay of these three vegan dishes: shepherd's pie, aloo bonda and colcannon.


3 Hearty Vegan Soups: Potato Leek, Butternut Squash & Celery

There are many varieties of vegan soup that are tasty, filling and nutritious. Here are three hearty recipes of old favourites, potato and leek, spicy butternut squash and creamy celery,


Three Deliciously Satisfying Vegan Side Dishes

With a vegan quarter-pound burger on the plate, alongside fried baby potatoes, a side dish is all that is required for a great meal. Here are three recipes that fit the bill: ratatouille. creamed corn and Brussels sprouts Creole.


How to Make a Vegan Full English Breakfast

A vegan version of the full English breakfast could never be described as healthy, but the wherewithal is available to make a tasty and filling version of this construction workers' favourite.


Vegan Cannelloni With Spinach and Mushrooms

Vegan cannelloni without eggs, milk or meat is a bit of a challenge, but the results are tasty and filling.


Three Vegan Coffee Break Treats

Peanut butter cups, cinnamon rolls and oat flapjacks are easy to make, go perfectly with coffee and are 100% vegan.


Three Vegan Pastry Recipes: Biscuits, Samosas, and Rolls

This article shows that vegan pastry dishes are right up there with the best. Whether sweet or savoury, pastries are one of life's great comfort foods. That mixture of flour, fat and liquid is the basis of many a mouthwatering meal.


Three Dinner Recipes Using Meat Substitutes (Vegan)

We can barely walk down a supermarket aisle these days without some form of meat substitute staring at us from the shelves. For many people these offer a tasty way to cook dinner, whatever their motivation. Here are three completely different ways with meat substitutes


Nutrient-Rich Potato Skins Prepared Three Ways (All Vegan)

There are more nutrients in potato skins than are in the potato inside. Here are three ways to get those nutrients, and a word of caution.


3 Creamy Vegan Dishes: Get the Creamy Without the Dairy!

Giving up dairy doesn't mean giving up creamy. There are many ways to add creaminess to dishes without using dairy products. Here are three very different recipes, each of which has a different base.


Vegan Fritters Three Ways

Here are three recipes that showcase the range of flavours and textures of vegetable fritters: one of life's great comfort foods. Banana fritters, tempura mushrooms and onion bhajis.


Why I Gave Up Veganism

I gave up veganism in the late 1980s. Isolation and poor availability of staples like soya milk and vegan margarine made it difficult to pursue. Fast-forward to 2017, and the whole vegan landscape had changed for the better. Here is an account of my two vegan journeys.


Four Vegan Pasta Sauce Recipes

These four vegan pasta sauce recipes are made up of arrabbiata and aglio e olio, and those same sauces with additions to make new versions.


Vegan Risotto Three Ways

Risotto aficionados may baulk at the thought of their favourite dish being prepared with anything other than carnaroli or arborio rice, but other grains can work very well. Here are three versions of vegan risotto, each made with a different base ingredient.


Cook Up a Vegan Chilli With Cornbread

My love affair with chilli really began when I sampled some made by my (then) girlfriend's mother, who had lived in Texas. Here's a recipe for a vegan version, and some cornbread to have with it.


The Evolution of the Vegan Burger: My Personal Journey

The range of vegan burgers available today is vastly wider than it was in my younger days. Here is an account of how I witnessed the veggie burger develop, from packet mixes we combined with water, to the realistic burgers of today that 'bleed' while cooking.


What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan

All vegans encounter the eternal question, "But what do you eat?" In this article I'll show some of the foods I eat regularly, one day's total intake, and a brief review.


Vegan Eggplant Calzone Inspired by "Seinfeld"

Inspired by an episode of "Seinfeld," I tried my hand at a calzone pizza made with eggplant filling. It was very tasty, and I've shared the recipe here.


Vegan Beverages: Life After Dairy

Giving up dairy means saying goodbye to tea with milk. Many people adapt to using plant-based alternatives in their beverages, but others branch out into the wide world of herbal infusions. Some do struggle, but there are plenty of alternatives out there.


How to Build a Deliciously Satisfying Vegan Buddha Bowl

A Buddha bowl is a balanced combination of food elements; grain, protein, vegetable, dressing and topping, all of which combine to make a nutritious meal. These healthy bowls are enjoying a wave of popularity at the moment, and they are particularly favoured by vegans.


Vegan Khichdi With Onion Sambal Served in a Bread Bowl

Simple recipes for vegan khichdi (kichri) and a topping of fried onion sambal. Also: how to make a bowl out of bread for an unusual serving receptacle.


5 Tips to Avoid Conflict With Your Non-Vegan Family

Are you a new vegan who's worrying about how to deal with your non-vegan family in a calm, pleasant manner? Tensions rising in the household because of your dietary choice? Neutralise this potentially explosive situation with grace and mutual respect. Read on to find out how!


Vegan Marmite and Peanut Butter Flapjack Recipe

My vegan Marmite and peanut butter flapjack recipe makes the perfect high-protein, high-fibre savoury snack for Marmite lovers.


How to Make Oat Milk at Home

Making your own milk is as easy as pie. Vegan pie, of course. It's healthy, versatile, and inexpensive. I'll show you how.


Vegan Salt and Vinegar Roasted Pea Snack

Looking for a healthy snack alternative to roasted chickpeas? Try this vegan salt and vinegar roasted pea snack.


Plant-Based Spaghetti Sauce With Tofu

This vegan-friendly, nutritious spaghetti sauce recipe complements any type of pasta. Make it gluten-free or oil-free to meet dietary needs without sacrificing flavor.


Healthy Plant-Based Pizza Crust

This pizza crust is vegan-friendly, oil free, and packed with extra nutrition from hemp hearts and nutritional yeast. Try this recipe for a guilt-free dinner, snack, or party food.


Ragi (Finger Millet) Vegan Milk Recipe

Try this naturally lactose-free and gluten-free vegan milk prepared with ragi or finger millet. Recipe video included.


Juicy Plant-Based Chocolate Cake With Frosting

Calling all chocolate lovers! This fluffy, vegan-friendly nut-free cake is guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate craving with triple chocolate goodness.


Vegan Ragu Recipe: Lentil-Based and Full of Flavour

A lentil-based pasta sauce that's full of flavour.


Plant-Based Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate sandwich cookies are popular for the simple reason that they are delicious. Use this vegan-friendly recipe to make this classic at home.


A Guide to Healthy Vegan Mac and Cheese (Plus Basic Recipe)

You want to make healthy vegan mac and cheese but don't know how? Here are some pointers to get you started, as well as great customizable options.


The Best Plant-Based Pumpkin Muffins

You don't need to wait until the fall to enjoy pumpkin muffins! Enjoy them any time of year.


Plant-Based Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are an all-time favorite. Although traditional recipes make great cookies, you can give them a twist with plant-based cream cheese. Warning: These cookies are highly addictive, so be sure to make a lot!


How to Make Delicious Vegan Pizza

This article is a curated list of videos, links, and tips for the most joyous vegan pizza-making experience you've ever had!


The Best Vegan Garlic Naan Bread Recipe

Create deliciously soft and stretchy vegan homemade garlic naan bread with this simple recipe.


Vegan Banana Bread Muffins

This recipe is a really simple way to make sweet or savory banana muffins that are vegan (no eggs or dairy are included).


Creamy Roasted Golden Beet Soup With Dill Yogurt Sauce (Vegan)

Here's an easy and very hands-off recipe for a delicious, well-balanced vegan soup that will comfort you during these cooler months.


Vegan Seven-Layer Dip

This vegan seven-layer dip is healthy, easy to make, and goes over well at parties. It doesn't require a lot of special, expensive, or hard-to-find ingredients, and it tastes incredible!


Vegan Sweet Potato and Kale Soup

Craving something warm and vegan? Give this soup a try. This recipe has three different cooking methods depending on your time constraints.


Cook This Japanese Vegan Curry Recipe From Scratch in 1 Hour

This vegan Japanese curry recipe is made from store-cupboard ingredients, ready in one hour, and makes a perfect weeknight dinner!


Vegan Apple Pie Recipe

Satisfy your dessert cravings with this easy vegan apple pie recipe!


Vegan Japanese-Style Curry Sauce Recipe Ready in 20 Minutes

This vegan Japanese-style curry sauce recipe is perfect for katsu curry, made from pantry ingredients, and ready in the same time as a store-bought cutlet.