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How to Make Ginger-Garlic Paste at Home

Cooking is one of my passions. I like to make nutritious and tasty foods at home without using preservatives and artificial colors.

Make ginger-garlic paste ahead of time to save time while cooking.

Make ginger-garlic paste ahead of time to save time while cooking.

Save Time With Ginger-Garlic Paste

Ginger and garlic are often used in cooking, especially in South Asian cuisine. Instead of mincing a small quantity of ginger and garlic each time, however, you can make ginger-garlic paste ahead of time and then refrigerate or freeze it. That way, it will be ready for use whenever you need it, which will save considerable time while cooking.

This pungent ginger-garlic paste has a very special, unique flavor. Not only that, both ginger and garlic are known for their medicinal properties.

Getting the Right Proportions

You can make ginger-garlic paste with an equal quantity of each ingredient, but I tend to prefer a mix that is 60% ginger and 40% garlic. I do this in order to minimize garlic's strong scent. I grind them together with a little water. I don't add salt, but adding dried salt will increase the length of time you can store it. I normally use this paste for up to a week. After it's been in the refrigerator for three days, I will transfer the remainder to the freezer.

How to Increase the Paste's Shelf-Life

This paste will remain fresh for months if you follow the right guidelines while making and storing it.

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  • People sometimes use white vinegar instead of water when they grind the ingredients together. This will also increase the shelf-life of this paste. However, the chemical reaction may turn the paste blue.
  • Adding some cooking oil to this paste also increases the shelf-life of this paste.
  • For storing for a longer time, make small packets of this ginger garlic paste and store them in a freezer. Take out the packets one by one at the time of use. This way, you can preserve it for months.

Cook Time

Prep timeReady inYields

10 min

10 min

1 cup


  • 3/4 cup ginger, pat-dried and roughly chopped
  • 1/2 cup garlic cloves, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons water


  1. Wash ginger pieces. Pat them dry. Scrape off the skin and roughly chop.
  2. Peel the garlic cloves and roughly chop.
  3. Put both ginger and garlic into a mixer or blender. Grind, adding a very small amount of water to get a smooth paste.
  4. Transfer the paste to a glass bowl. Use a dry spoon for transfering the paste.
  5. Preserve this paste in a refrigerator if you want to finish it off within 3–4 days. This ginger-garlic paste is as good as using freshly crushed ginger and garlic. If you want to use it for a longer period, store it in small pouches the freezer.

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