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Vegetable Dishes


Granny Purvis’s Mustard Greens With Smoked Turkey Recipe

One of my most cherished memories is the day Granny Purvis and I harvested mustard greens from her garden and then cooked this delicious dish together.


Eggplant Stuffed With Beef and Salsa

If you like stuffed vegetables and salsa, you will love this recipe. Serve this dish with just a loaf of crusty Italian bread or with a salad. This is an easy, one-pan meal!


3 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Zucchini Recipes

Three quick and easy zucchini recipes: a savory waffle, brownies, and a main course hash. Yummy, healthy ways to use prolific squash from your garden.


Sweet and Tart Salade Piémontaise Recipe

A simple but delicious recipe that combines potatoes, saurekraut, pickles, ham, tomatoes, and mayonnaise in a heaty, fillying, wonderfully appetizing, and yet refreshing and simple potato salad.


Balsamic Cucumber Tomato Salad: Perfect Summer Dish!

You'll want to try this simple, hearty cucumber salad that is perfect as a plant-based side dish or light lunch!


Vegetarian Stuffed Marrow (Courgette) Recipe

Recipe to make vegetarian stuffed marrows with vegetarian stew mix using fresh or frozen vegetables, vegetable stock, vegetarian gravy and soya mince.


Mediterranean Couscous Salad With Chickpeas and Fresh Dill

A refreshingly light yet filling salad with couscous, chickpeas, red onion, bell peppers, cucumber, and a light lemon vinaigrette.


Spicy Black Bean Salad With Cilantro and Lime Vinaigrette

This tasty and colorful black bean salad with cilantro and lime vinaigrette has a slightly spicy kick and is packed with nutrition. Serve it with tortilla chips for a fun and tasty dish.


Orange Sesame Tofu With Green Beans and Jasmine Rice

This orange sesame tofu takes like takeout but can be made from the comfort of your home! It's almost better the next day once the flavor has had a chance to absorb into the tofu. If you're new to cooking tofu, this is a great beginner recipe!


How to Keep Red Cabbage From Turning Blue

Why does red cabbage turn blue when you cook it, and how can you prevent if from happening?


Can I Eat Kale With Black Spots?

Find out what black spots on kale mean, whether it's safe to eat, and how these spots affect the flavor of this nutritious leafy vegetable.


Orzo Summer Salad

This summer salad is the perfect meal or side dish for a hot summer day. It comes together quickly and is cool and refreshing.


Can You Eat Frozen Vegetables Raw? Is It Safe?

Can you eat frozen vegetables raw? Find out whether it's safe to eat frozen vegetables and whether frozen veggies are as nutritious as fresh.


10 Delicious Salad Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Salads are great any time of year, but they are especially satisfying during the summer. When the weather gets hot and the produce is fresh and plentiful, salads are definitely the way to go! Here are 10 fresh and delicious summer salad recipes that are perfect for summer barbeques and picnics.


Why Do Bell Peppers Change Color?

Learn why bell peppers change color and how these colors affect their taste and nutrition. Explore the wonderful world of nutrient-dense bell peppers!


Are Broccoli Leaves Edible?

This article looks at whether the small leaves on broccoli are safe to eat and whether they offer nutrition.


Oven-Baked Stuffed Spicy Bell Peppers (Vegetarian)

Oven-baked bell peppers stuffed with basmati rice. Mouthwatering, spicy, and completely vegetarian.


How to Make Brussels Sprouts Not Bitter: 5 Sure-Fire Tips

Would you like to make Brussels sprouts not bitter? This is my fool-proof method.


Does Taro Root Have Caffeine?

In its natural state, taro does not have caffeine. However, if you buy commercial taro root, it could contain added caffeine.


Are Broccoli Stems Good for You?

Are broccoli stems good for you? It's the part of the broccoli plant that people are less likely to eat. But are you missing out on nutrients by tossing the stems?


Exploring Lighthouse Inn Potatoes: Recipe and History

Lighthouse Inn potatoes are anything but “light.” This storied side dish from the Lighthouse Inn Restaurant, New London, Connecticut, is sinfully rich and indulgent—and you can make it at home. Here’s their story and a copycat of the original.


Is Celeriac a Nightshade Vegetable?

Although celeriac is a root vegetable, it is not a nightshade vegetable and does not contain solanine. Learn more about celeriac here.


Smoky Eggplant Mash (Baingan Bharta)

This yummy recipe is prepared by cooking the roughly chopped eggplant with spices and herbs. It is then smoked with a coal. This is best served with hot roti or paratha.


Cooking With Carrots: 3 Recipes From Savory to Sweet

Recipes for carrot vichyssoise, copper pennies, and carrot cake. Plus, learn all about the nutritional value of consuming carrots.


How Long Do Peppers Last After Picking? (Plus Storage Tips)

Learn how long peppers last after harvesting and how to store them properly.


Lacto-Fermented Cabbage Asian Salad With Peanut Ginger Dressing

This recipe is for a lacto-fermented cabbage Asian slaw with peanut ginger dressing. A super-fast ferment that has probiotics and is delicious!


Baked Vegetables in Cheese Sauce: Quick and Easy Recipe to Avoid Food Waste

I created this tasty vegetable in cheese sauce recipe to help use up oddments of vegetables. Avoiding food waste is becoming ever more important in the difficult times we are experiencing, what with climate change, deforestation, inflation, staffing and transport problems and increasing poverty.


Why Does Broccoli Turn Yellow and Is It Safe to Eat?

Why does broccoli turn yellow and can you still eat it? Find out why your beautiful broccoli turned yellow and whether you can still add it to your plate.


Quinoa Kale Salad

The first time I made this quinoa kale salad bowl, I made it with the intention of packing it for work lunches for the rest of the week. Turns out, it was so dang delicious I couldn't help myself, but to consume the ENTIRE bowl the same night I made it. (I can't believe I am admitting to that)


Hawaiian Tuna Pasta Salad: Budget-Friendly Recipe

Cold pasta salad dishes make great summer meals. They don't require a lot of cooking; therefore the kitchen stays cooler and the electricity bill a bit lower. Try my budget-friendly recipe for Hawaiian tuna pasta salad.


How to Make Onion Flakes and Onion Powder at Home

Learn how to make onion powder and onion flakes at home. Also: tips for using these ingredients in your cooking as well as how to store. Recipe video included.


Vegetable and Cauliflower Cheese Recipe to Reduce Food Waste

This recipe for vegetable and cauliflower cheese is designed to use up your overstocked oddments of supermarket vegetables that are reaching their "best before" date, thereby avoiding food waste. The recipe uses standard vegetables you are likely to have and can be varied according to your taste.


Indian-Style Vegetable Noodles Recipe

This Indian-style vegetable noodle dish is easy to make, healthy and delicious. Can be served as a complete meal on its own without any side dishes. Serve for breakfast, lunch, dinner... or even as a snack.


Mediterranean Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash Recipe

Sweet butternut squash combined with hearty quinoa and savory olives and feta cheese makes this dish a healthy and balanced vegetarian meal.


Creamy Kale With Parmesan and Lemon Zest: Side Dish Recipe

This creamy kale side dish feels decadent and delicious and is sure to convert even those who think they don't like kale! This is easy to throw together on any night of the week you're looking for a simple side dish.


Pickled Okra: Two Easy, Delicious Recipes

You will love these two pickled okra recipes: old-fashioned Southern style and sweet and spicy style. Photos and easy instructions included.


How to Boil Arbi (Taro Root) Perfectly

Try my easy method for perfectly boiled arbi (taro root) each and every time. Recipe video included.


Tangy, Peppery Greek Salad With Customizable Options

Looking for a tasty salad? Go Greek! Here's a healthy meal that's a tangy, peppery treat for your tongue. And it's filling to boot. Here's the recipe along with ideas for variety.


7 Easy Stuffed Mushroom Recipes That Will Wow You

Every one of these stuffed mushroom recipes received accolades from our taste tester panel, which included my husband and me, and several sets of our neighbors. I hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.


How to Chop Onions Without Crying

I love cooking with onions, but I don’t want to cry as I slice them. Here are some easy tips to help you chop veg like a pro and stay tear-free.


How to Make the Best Salad Bar: 80+ Mix-and-Match Ideas

Salad bars are fast-to-fix, full of nutrition, flavorful, fun, and fit every diet. Dairy- or gluten-free? Keto? Vegan? Here are 84 suggested items.


Slow Cooker Tamales: Recipe and Alternate Filling Ideas

Use your slow cooker to create a tamale fiesta for your family. This quick and easy cooking method is guaranteed to be a winner.


Crispy Kale Recipe: Fat-Free Healthy Snack

Kale is high in vitamins and very healthy. This recipe makes it super tasty, too. It's the perfect crispy snack!


How to Grow Nutritious Sprouts in Your Kitchen in 3-5 Days

Add nutrition and flavor to your cooking with these homegrown sprouts.


10 Raw White Turnip Salad Recipes

Raw white turnips are surprisingly tasty. Here are 10 different salads that feature this delicious root vegetable.


4 Colors of Cauliflower: White, Orange, Green, and Purple

White is the most popular color for cauliflower, but do you know that there are three other colors of the vegetable? Learn about each type.


How to Sun-Dry and Preserve Mushrooms for a Year

Mushrooms are low calorie but provide several important nutrients like fibre, protein and antioxidants. Although low in vitamin D they have the capacity to make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Learn how to sun-dry them and store them for a long time. Recipe video included.


Are Scallions the Same as Green Onions? (+Bonus Recipe!)

Scallions, green onions, and spring onions—are they the same thing? Let’s dig deep in the garden and find out.


Sausage Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Bake

Hungry for meat but wanting to avoid red meat and watching those calories and carbs? This recipe will satisfy the cravings and delight the tastebuds.


Warm Quinoa Salad

If you are searching for something healthy that still tastes amazing you should try this warm quinoa salad. It's filling enough where it can replace an entire meal and has a wonderful texture.