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Vegetable Dishes


Carmella's Authentic Italian Potato Dumpling Recipe

My Grandmother Knight met Carmella when they were both in their early teens. Their families lived near each other on the Suwannee River in Florida.


Stuffed Acorn Squash: Perfect Winter Side Dish

Acorn squash is a fall and winter vegetable that makes a perfect side dish.


Does Bagged Lettuce Have Preservatives?

Some brands of bagged lettuce contain preservatives, but most do not.


Classic Green Bean Casserole With Cheese

This delicious, classic, green bean casserole comes from my mother's old recipe box. She liked to make this side dish for big dinners and holidays, including Thanksgiving. Some of the ingredients can be tweaked to your liking.


Are Baby Carrots Unhealthy?

Baby carrots are bathed in a chlorine water bath to kill bacteria. Most experts believe this doesn't pose a threat to health and the nutritional benefits of carrots outweigh this small risk.


Are Swiss Chard Stems Edible?

Yes, Swiss chard stems are edible. Let's look at why you should eat them ... and the best ways to prepare them.


10 Fabulous White Cabbage and Bacon Recipes

Bacon and cabbage is a classic food combination and the two can be combined to delicious effect in a great many different ways. This page looks at 10 fabulous ways in which to combine back bacon with white cabbage.


5 Tasty Ways to Make Broccoli Rabe Less Bitter

Broccoli rabe is a healthy vegetable that some people find bitter. Here are five ways to tone down that bitterness.


Is Escarole High in Oxalate?

Despite its nutrient density, escarole is high in oxalate. This means it may not be suitable for those on a low oxalate diet.


How to Pick Brussels Sprouts at the Grocery Store

Learn how to pick the freshest and most nutritious Brussels sprouts at the store.


Are Brussels Sprouts Baby Cabbages?

Many people believe Brussels sprouts are simply baby cabbages. This isn't true. Though the two vegetables are closely related, they're not the same.


Why Does Cabbage Stink When You Cook It?

This article looks at why cooking cabbage produces an unpleasant aroma.


Why Does Cabbage Turn Black? (And Is It Safe to Eat?)

This article looks at the reasons cabbage darkens, turns black, or develops black spots and whether it's safe to eat.


Can You Freeze Microgreens?

Freezing microgreens is simple, and they’ll keep for up to six months in the freezer. However, it’s best to use them within three months for the best quality.


Are Collard Greens Good When They Turn Yellow?

This article looks at what causes collard greens to turn yellow and whether they're still safe to eat.


Is Swiss Chard the Same as Rhubarb?

This article looks at these two edible plants and how they differ in terms of appearance, taste, and nutrition.


Can You Cook Kale That Has Turned Yellow?

This article looks at why kale turns yellow and whether it's safe to cook and eat yellowing kale.


Roasted Green Beans With Garlic, Olive Oil, and Parmesan

If you are looking for a side dish that is simple, flavorful, and that the kids will love, this roasted green beans recipe is for you. The slight char that baking them at a high temperature provides is exactly what fresh green beans are missing.


White vs. Green Asparagus: Is One More Nutritious Than the Other?

There's more than one type of asparagus. Two of the most popular are white and green. This article looks at the taste and nutritional differences between the two.


Is Spaghetti Squash Hard to Digest?

Various foods can cause digestive issues for some people. Is spaghetti squash one of those foods?


Granny Purvis’s Mustard Greens With Smoked Turkey Recipe

One of my most cherished memories is the day Granny Purvis and I harvested mustard greens from her garden and then cooked this delicious dish together.


Eggplant Stuffed With Beef and Salsa

If you like stuffed vegetables and salsa, you will love this recipe. Serve this dish with just a loaf of crusty Italian bread or with a salad. This is an easy, one-pan meal!


3 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Zucchini Recipes

Three quick and easy zucchini recipes: a savory waffle, brownies, and a main course hash. Yummy, healthy ways to use prolific squash from your garden.


Sweet and Tart Salade Piémontaise Recipe

A simple but delicious recipe that combines potatoes, saurekraut, pickles, ham, tomatoes, and mayonnaise in a heaty, fillying, wonderfully appetizing, and yet refreshing and simple potato salad.


Balsamic Cucumber Tomato Salad: Perfect Summer Dish!

You'll want to try this simple, hearty cucumber salad that is perfect as a plant-based side dish or light lunch!


Vegetarian Stuffed Marrow (Courgette) Recipe

Recipe to make vegetarian stuffed marrows with vegetarian stew mix using fresh or frozen vegetables, vegetable stock, vegetarian gravy and soya mince.


Great-Aunt Linnie's Secret Corn Pudding Recipe

My Aunt Linnie was beloved by everyone who knew her. She was also a wonderful cook.


Mediterranean Couscous Salad With Chickpeas and Fresh Dill

A refreshingly light yet filling salad with couscous, chickpeas, red onion, bell peppers, cucumber, and a light lemon vinaigrette.


Spicy Black Bean Salad With Cilantro and Lime Vinaigrette

This tasty and colorful black bean salad with cilantro and lime vinaigrette has a slightly spicy kick and is packed with nutrition. Serve it with tortilla chips for a fun and tasty dish.


Orange Sesame Tofu With Green Beans and Jasmine Rice

This orange sesame tofu takes like takeout but can be made from the comfort of your home! It's almost better the next day once the flavor has had a chance to absorb into the tofu. If you're new to cooking tofu, this is a great beginner recipe!


How to Keep Red Cabbage From Turning Blue

Why does red cabbage turn blue when you cook it, and how can you prevent if from happening?


Can I Eat Kale With Black Spots?

Find out what black spots on kale mean, whether it's safe to eat, and how these spots affect the flavor of this nutritious leafy vegetable.


Orzo Summer Salad

This summer salad is the perfect meal or side dish for a hot summer day. It comes together quickly and is cool and refreshing.


Can You Eat Frozen Vegetables Raw? Is It Safe?

Can you eat frozen vegetables raw? Find out whether it's safe to eat frozen vegetables and whether frozen veggies are as nutritious as fresh.


10 of the Best Summer Salad Recipes That Are Perfect for Dinner

Salads are great any time of year, but they are especially satisfying during the summer. Here are 10 delicious summer salad recipes that are perfect for dinner, whether as a side dish or as the main course.


Why Do Bell Peppers Change Color?

Learn why bell peppers change color and how these colors affect their taste and nutrition. Explore the wonderful world of nutrient-dense bell peppers!


Are Broccoli Leaves Edible?

This article looks at whether the small leaves on broccoli are safe to eat and whether they offer nutrition.


Oven-Baked Stuffed Spicy Bell Peppers (Vegetarian)

Oven-baked bell peppers stuffed with basmati rice. Mouthwatering, spicy, and completely vegetarian.


How to Make Brussels Sprouts Not Bitter: 5 Sure-Fire Tips

Would you like to make Brussels sprouts not bitter? This is my fool-proof method.


Does Taro Root Have Caffeine?

In its natural state, taro does not have caffeine. However, if you buy commercial taro root, it could contain added caffeine.


Are Broccoli Stems Good for You?

Are broccoli stems good for you? It's the part of the broccoli plant that people are less likely to eat. But are you missing out on nutrients by tossing the stems?


Exploring Lighthouse Inn Potatoes: Recipe and History

Lighthouse Inn potatoes are anything but “light.” This storied side dish from the Lighthouse Inn Restaurant, New London, Connecticut, is sinfully rich and indulgent—and you can make it at home. Here’s their story and a copycat of the original.


Is Celeriac a Nightshade Vegetable?

Although celeriac is a root vegetable, it is not a nightshade vegetable and does not contain solanine. Learn more about celeriac here.


3 Carrot Recipes: Vichyssoise, Copper Pennies & Carrot Cake

Recipes for carrot vichyssoise, copper pennies, and carrot cake. Plus, learn all about the nutritional value of consuming carrots.


How Long Do Peppers Last After Picking? (Plus Storage Tips)

Learn how long peppers last after harvesting and how to store them properly.


Lacto-Fermented Cabbage Asian Salad With Peanut Ginger Dressing

This recipe is for a lacto-fermented cabbage Asian slaw with peanut ginger dressing. A super-fast ferment that has probiotics and is delicious!


Baked Vegetables in Cheese Sauce: Quick and Easy Recipe to Avoid Food Waste

I created this tasty vegetable in cheese sauce recipe to help use up oddments of vegetables. Avoiding food waste is becoming ever more important in the difficult times we are experiencing, what with climate change, deforestation, inflation, staffing and transport problems and increasing poverty.


Why Does Broccoli Turn Yellow and Is It Safe to Eat?

Why does broccoli turn yellow and can you still eat it? Find out why your beautiful broccoli turned yellow and whether you can still add it to your plate.


Quinoa Kale Salad

The first time I made this quinoa kale salad bowl, I made it with the intention of packing it for work lunches for the rest of the week. Turns out, it was so dang delicious I couldn't help myself but consume the entire bowl the same night I made it. (I can't believe I am admitting to that.)


Hawaiian Tuna Pasta Salad: Budget-Friendly Recipe

A budget-friendly recipe for Hawaiian tuna pasta salad.