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Green Beans


Classic Green Bean Casserole With Cheese

This delicious, classic, green bean casserole comes from my mother's old recipe box. She liked to make this side dish for big dinners and holidays, including Thanksgiving. Some of the ingredients can be tweaked to your liking.


Roasted Green Beans With Garlic, Olive Oil, and Parmesan

If you are looking for a side dish that is simple, flavorful, and that the kids will love, this roasted green beans recipe is for you. The slight char that baking them at a high temperature provides is exactly what fresh green beans are missing.


Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

Green beans are a tasty side dish that you can make fairly plain for your picky eaters—or spice up for those with a more adventurous palate. This recipe is my go-to for an easy green bean side dish; it works great for busy weeknight dinners.


Plant-Based Green Bean Casserole With Nutritional Yeast

Can't decide which plant-based dish to bring to your upcoming work potluck, barbecue, or family event? Below, we will share one of our favorite side dishes. Not only can this side be cooked with ease, but it's also a huge hit!


Minnesota Cooking: Green Beans in Butter With Onion Bits Recipe

Green beans, a little butter, some onion bits, and microwave for 9 minutes—then it's a party in your mouth!


Exploring Green Beans: Fun Facts, Recipes & How to Grow Them

Green beans—crisp, flavorful, available all year round, and worthy of so much more than to be buried in creamed soup. Let me show you how to grow, cook, and enjoy them to their fullest.


Irresistible Pan-Fried Green Beans

Learn how to prepare and cook pan-fried fresh green beans—a side dish that's sure to be a hit for any occasion.


How to Can Green Beans at Home in a Pressure Canner

Learning to can fresh green beans in a pressure canner is easy and can provide a nutritious side dish with no preservatives or additives.


Vegan Green Bean Snack Crisps Recipe

Green beans are healthful and nutritious. Here's how to turn this vegetable into a snack that adults and kids both will love. Follow this simple recipe to create the perfect green bean crisps!


How to Make Canned Green Beans Taste Good

Try this recipe to make your canned green beans taste like homemade, homegrown green beans that your mom used to can in her pressure cooker. Butter, bacon, and spices blend to these green beans taste deliciously homemade.


How to Cook Fresh Green Beans With Paula Deen's Recipe

These are the best green beans I've ever tasted: Fresh, delicious beans are simmered in chicken broth with new potatoes and onion slices. My in-laws request this dish for basically every family gathering—and my mother-in-law is a terrific country cook.


Healthy Green Bean Recipe for Kids

Get kids cooking and eating vegetables with this step-by-step, kid-friendly recipe for green beans and turkey bacon. Includes photo instructions. Delicious!


How to Make Pickled Green Beans, A.K.A. Dilly Beans

Here you'll find a step-by-step guide with photos that teaches you how to easily can and pickle garlic and dill green beans.


Easy Chinese Green Bean Stir-Fry Recipe (With Tofu)

Green beans are one of the most popular vegetables on the market These beans can be cooked in so many ways: sauteed, stewed, grilled, baked, and stir-fried. This is a recipe for a tasty, Chinese-inspired stir-fry.