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Is Spaghetti Squash Hard to Digest?

Various foods can cause digestive issues for some people. Is spaghetti squash one of those foods?


3 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Zucchini Recipes

Three quick and easy zucchini recipes: a savory waffle, brownies, and a main course hash. Yummy, healthy ways to use prolific squash from your garden.


Vegetarian Stuffed Marrow (Courgette) Recipe

Recipe to make vegetarian stuffed marrows with vegetarian stew mix using fresh or frozen vegetables, vegetable stock, vegetarian gravy and soya mince.


Mediterranean Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash Recipe

Sweet butternut squash combined with hearty quinoa and savory olives and feta cheese makes this dish a healthy and balanced vegetarian meal.


Herb Seasoned Dressing Recipe With Zucchini, Onion, Sour Cream, and Cream of Chicken Soup

This flavorful dressing with zucchini is so creamy it does not need a gravy. Enjoy it as a side dish with many types of meals.


Panko Coated Pumpkin Blossoms Stuffed With Ricotta Recipe

Pumpkin blossoms are beautiful flowers, but did you know they're also edible? I'll show you how to use them as a cooking ingredient to make a very tasty dish.


Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini

I love anything stuffed, and this recipe was hearty and delicious enough to serve on its own, which is what I did.


How to Cook a Whole Squash Two Ways: Instant Pot and Oven

You don't have to halve or quarter your squash in order to cook it in an Instant Pot or oven. It's easy to cook a squash whole; I'll show you how!


Fried Zucchini With Garlic and Cheese Recipe

A delicious fried zucchini recipe with loads of garlic. Perfect as a side dish or main course.


Spicy Butternut Squash Tagine Recipe (Inexpensive Ingredients)

A Middle Eastern dish of complex flavours, combining health-promoting butternut squash with sweet apricots, honey, intense and piquant preserved lemon, tomatoes and fragrant spices. Quick and easy to prepare and keeps well in the fridge for up to four days. Serve with herby couscous or crusty bread.


14 Delicious Ways to Use Your Extra Pumpkins

These 14 delicious ways to use your extra pumpkins will surprise you and delight you. I hope you get the chance to try out each one of them and bone up on your pumpkin roasting skills this season. No more wasted pumpkins for you!


How to Puree Pumpkin to Use a Base in Other Recipes

An easy guide to making pureed pumpkin from scratch. Once made, the puree can be frozen and then used as the base for a number of great pumpkin recipes.


Loving Leftovers: Too Much Zucchini

Each summer we discover who our friends (or enemies) are. They gift us zucchini from their overly-bountiful gardens. Here are some innovative ways to deal with too much zucchini.


Creamy and Savory Butternut Squash Soup

I love the squash family! I believe they should be valued and used all year round, not just during the autumn season! That's why I decided to share this savory, creamy butternut squash soup recipe.


7 Best Recipes for Cooking Squash

Do you have lots of summer squash? Here are some delicious recipes to prepare your abundance of squash. Grill, bake, stir-fry, sweet, or create a salad!


Yellow Squash Casserole Recipe

Yellow squash combined with onions, Parmesan cheese, bread cubes, half and half, and spices makes a delicious vegetarian casserole! Serve as a meal or a side dish.


Smoked Gouda Wild Rice Risotto With Winter Squash

The smoky flavor of Gouda pairs well with the sweet, nutty flavor of the winter squash in this Thanksgiving-inspired twist on authentic Italian risotto.


How to Cook and Prepare a Spaghetti Squash

You'll be amazed at the mild flavor of this spaghetti substitute.


Mozzarella Zucchini Dots

Mellow mozzarella and zucchini are used to make a healthy, baked appetizer that is sure to entice your picky eater to take a bite.


Exploring Winter Squash: There's More to Life Than Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkins have become a fad (at least in the USA), but winter squashes (pumpkin is one of many) are a great source of nutrition and flavor. Forget about pumpkin spice. Here are the recipes you will love.


The Best Spaghetti Squash Recipe Ever

If you have a spaghetti squash on your counter and haven't yet figured out what to do with it, this could be the answer to your problem. You will definitely want to try this delicious recipe that mixes squash with tomatoes, peppers, olives, and feta.


Zucchini or Courgette Recipes and Cooking Tips

This article features zucchini (courgette) recipes of a number of different types to suit a wide variety of tastes. It includes baked, griddled and roasted zucchini recipe ideas and more.


Stuffed Acorn Squash With Cauliflower Rice and Beef Recipe

This is a savory-sweet recipe featuring acorn squash, meat, and veggies. This dish is Whole30-friendly, Paleo, and is considered clean eating because it's made with whole, real foods!


The Easiest Way to Peel Butternut Squash Is by Microwaving It

Butternut squash is a delicious winter staple, but it's difficult to work with. By using the microwave, you can cut preparation time down to almost nothing.


Spaghetti Squash Vegetable Pasta Recipe

Spaghetti squash has valuable potassium and vitamin A, which is important for good health. It can be used as a low-carb, gluten-free, and delicious replacement for pasta noodles. Let me show you!


Mediterranean Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

Summer sun caught and served in a Mediterranean recipe for stuffed zucchini (with anchovies and fennel flowers) in a tomato and wine sauce. It's a summery meal that makes a perfect year-round dish for any party or buffet table.


How to Prepare, Cook, and Freeze Pattypan Squash

Ever wonder what to do with one of those flying saucer–shaped pattypan squash found at farmers' markets? Here is some background information and several recipes for you to try!

zucchini cobbler

Zucchini Cobbler Recipe Plus 25 More Ways to Use Courgettes

Here is a zucchini cobbler recipe that will surely become a favorite summertime dessert! As a bonus feature, you'll find 25 other ways to use up your bumper crop of zucchini.

zucchini relish

Zucchini Relish Recipe: A Great Way to Use Zucchini

Zucchini sweet relish is a perfect way to use zucchini from your garden. The sweet and sour flavor is perfect with hot dogs, hamburgers, tuna salad, or on sandwiches. Try my best zucchini sweet relish recipe!


9 Things to Do With Extra Zucchini From Your Garden

Zucchini squash is a popular vegetable to grow in backyard gardens. With the right growing conditions, you can get a large crop from just a few plants. Here are 9 suggestions if you have more zucchini than you know what to do with.


10 Very Unique Varieties of Winter Squash

Don't let the many varieties of winter squash intimidate you! Just because they look odd doesn't mean you can't eat them.


How to Bake Butternut Squash

When harvest brings in the butternut squash, it's time fire up the oven and bake this delicious vegetable in pies or serve it as a simple, nutritious side dish.


Curried Butternut Squash Soup Recipe: Elegant and Easy

If you are looking for an easy yet elegant way to start your Thanksgiving dinner, try this recipe for curried butternut squash soup.


Four Good Substitutions for Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is not universally available. In Europe especially, canned pumpkin is rare. Even in some parts of the United States where pumpkin is native, finding canned pumpkin can be difficult in the spring and summer. Here are four good substitutions.


Yummy Butternut Squash: Easy, Baked, Mashed, or Fried Recipes

Butternut squash is a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. With these delicious recipes, you can make mouthwatering dishes.


5 Yummy Pumpkin Recipes for the Fall (Plus 3 Bonus Videos)

Yummy pumpkin recipes for cake, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and soup. Perfect for the fall holidays—or for any time. Favorite recipe books are also included.


How to Make Incredible Fried Squash

Frying squash is an art, but anyone can master it. I'll show you exactly how to do it.


Butternut Squash Soup With Cucumber Chutney: Health Benefits

This is a good-tasting soup for winter that will make you feel warm and satisfied with good food. This recipe can be made with other forms of delicious squash as well. Video recipes are included.

First of all, pick your pumpkin!

How to Prepare & Cook Fresh Pumpkin

An easy guide to preparing and cooking pumpkin puree at home. Once you go fresh, you'll never go back.