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Exploring Cornish Pasties: Fascinating History and 8 Recipes

The Cornish pasty is more than a hand-held pie. Here's the story of the pasty and eight perfect recipes.


Minatamis na Saba (Filipino Bananas in Syrup)

This common yet simple Filipino dessert calls for local plantains called "saba" to be simmered in sugar and water.


Kashmiri Walnut Chutney Recipe

Try this unique chutney from the Kashmiri cuisine prepared with walnuts as the main ingredient. Recipe video included.


Gobi Kofta Curry Recipe

Try this simple to make and delicious cauliflower kofta curry dish. Recipe video included.


Spicy Cabbage Onion Paratha Recipe

Spicy cabbage onion paratha is a delicious main course that you can have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As this paratha is spicy and delicious on its own, you can serve it with simple tomato sauce or yogurt. Serve it with a mild-spicy curry for an extra kick!


Naatu Kozhi Kuzhambu: South Indian Chicken Curry

This is an authentic South Indian recipe for naatu kozhi kuzhambu chicken curry.


Tortang Talong at Giniling na Baka (Eggplant Omelet With Ground Beef)

This main dish consists of grilled Asian eggplant, which is dipped in beaten eggs and topped with ground beef and then pan-fried.


Paksiw na Pata: A Filipino Pork Hock Recipe

Paksiw na pata is a Filipino dish in which pork knuckle is stewed in vinegar, soy sauce, and other seasonings and spices. Let me show you how to cook this tasty Filipino dish.


Suran Ki Sabzi (Yam Curry) Recipe

Try this Punjabi-style suran ki sabzi. Recipe video included.


Lenguas de Gato (Filipino Cookies)

This is light, thin cookie was one of my favorites growing up in the Philippines, especially during the holidays. They are easy to make since they use common ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, and egg whites.


Greek Tahini Pie Recipe

Tahini pie is a sweet that is found in the cuisines of Greece, Armenia, Cyprus, and Turkey. Here is my own Greek recipe!


Vegetarian Filipino Adobong Kangkong (Asian Water Spinach Adobo)

This Asian green leafy vegetable is cooked adobo-style by simmering in soy sauce and calamansi juice.


Authentic Punjabi Sarson Ka Saag (Mustard Greens Curry)

Learn how to prepare sarson ka saag, the popular and traditional Punjabi dish. Recipe video included.


Peanut and Fried Gram Chutney Recipe

Peanut and fried gram chutney is a delicious and healthy side dish that you can make quickly and easily.


Bibingka (Filipino Cake)

Bibingka is a Filipino cake that's traditionally made with rice flour, but in this recipe we use all-purpose flour. This cake is typically topped with grated cheese and coconut.


How to Make Authentic Punjabi Makki Ki Roti

Learn how to prepare authentic Punjabi makki ki roti, a soft and delicious maize flour flatbread. Recipe video included.


Higadillo: Filipino Liver Stew

Higadillo is like a Filipino take on liver and onions. It's sauteed in garlic and onions and then simmered in soy sauce and vinegar.


How to Make Moolangi Chutney (Radish Chutney)

Moolangi chutney (radish chutney) is a quick and easy, mildly spicy side dish. Featuring a delightful crunch due to the grated raw radish, it has many health benefits. Serve it with rice, roti, chapati, etc.


Holiday Leche Flan With Egg Whites (Filipino-Style Spanish Custard)

Typical Spanish custard uses the egg yolks only. My mom's recipe is different because it uses the egg whites as well, which results in a firmer texture.


Besan Chilla Recipe

Try besan chilla, a savoury pancake prepared with chickpea flour. A recipe video is also included.


Yemas: Filipino Candy Recipe

Yemas are a type of dessert or candy found in the Philippines as well as in Latin America. They're made from egg yolks, sugar, and milk.


My Experience With Spanish Food and Culinary Traditions

I lived in Spain for two years in the 1970s and was exposed to their distinctive cuisine and culinary traditions. The food, what time they eat meals, how they order, and the miscommunications arising from language differences all took me by surprise. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.


Multipurpose Garlic Chutney (Lasun Ki Chutney) Recipe

Garlic chutney (lasun ki chutney) is spicy, flavorful, and delicious. It's also very healthy. Serve it with rice, dosa, idli, paratha, etc.


Besan Suji Ke Laddu Recipe (Chickpea Flour Semolina Balls)

Try these delicious bsean suji ke laddus, a delicious snack and dessert, for the coming festivals. A recipe video is also included.


Filipino Chicharon (Fried Pork Rinds)

If you like bacon, you'll love chicharon, or Filipino-style pork cracklings. The pork is boiled, then baked, and finally fried till crispy.


Leftover Rice Dosa Recipe

Try this easy, quick to make, and delicious dosa prepared with leftover rice and a few other ingredients. A recipe video is also included.


Galaktoboureko (Greek Semolina Custard Pie With Syrup)

Galaktoboureko a traditional Greek dessert that has golden, crispy layers of pastry with a wonderfully creamy custard filling. It's a delightful dessert for a celebration or a simple meal with family and friends.


Kuttu Ka Cheela Recipe

Try this delicious cheela, or pancake, prepared with buckwheat flour. A recipe video is also included.


Bhindi Masala (Okra Curry) Without Onion or Garlic

This bhindi masala is tasty, healthy, and quick and easy to make. It's a great spicy side dish that pairs well with roti, rice, chapati, paratha, and other flatbreads.


Gulaman at Sago (Filipino Gelatin and Tapioca Dessert)

This dessert is common in Asia, where tapioca pearls are mixed with other ingredients such as jello and served in a glass with syrup. It's also eaten as a snack. Since it's very hot in the Asia-Pacific region, this cold drink is a great way to cool off.


Moong Dal Chilla Recipe

Try this moong dal chilla, a savoury pancake prepared with mung beans. A recipe video is also included.


Filipino Pork Tapa (Tapang Baboy)

Filipino pork tapa is thinly sliced pork that has been marinated in soy sauce and spices and then pan-fried. Traditionally, it is served for breakfast with garlic fried rice and fried eggs.


Kuttu Ke Pakode (Buckwheat Flour Fritters)

Kuttu ke pakode, or buckwheat flour fritters, is an easy-to-make festival fasting food. A recipe video is also included.


Pastillas de Pili (Filipino Pili Nut Candy)

This candy is made from milk and sugar mixed with ground pili nuts, a type of nut grown in the Philippines.


Simili Urundai: A Healthy Ragi Laddu

Simili urundai is a healthy village-style snack made with ragi, peanut, sesame, and jaggery.


Espasol: Filipino Toasted Rice Flour Cakes

Espasol is a Filipino dessert or snack food made from toasted rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk.


Black Chana (Black Chickpea) Flour Jaggery Unde Recipe

Black chana (black chickpea) is known to be beneficial for one's health and well-being. Black chana flour jaggery unde is very healthy and tasty. Have one daily for good health.


Biko: Filipino Rice Cake

Biko is a type of Filipino rice cake that uses glutinous rice rather than rice flour. It's mixed with coconut milk and sugar.


Singhare ke Atte ka Halwa: Navratri Festival Recipe

Singhare ka halwa is a delicious pudding prepared with chestnut flour. It is a must-have sweet for festivals like Navratri, Diwali, etc. A recipe video is also included.


Egg Fried Rice Recipe Inspired by Uncle Roger

Uncle Roger, also known as Nigel Ng, is a Malaysian comic based in the United Kingdom. I'm Nigel Koay, attempting to make my Malaysian compatriot proud by sharing my egg fried rice recipe. Let's do it!


How to Make Malay-Style Curry Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Berempah)

Malay-style curry fried chicken, or ayam goreng berempah, is a popular dish in Malaysia. The intense flavors from the curry powder and spices makes this crispy dish perfect for the cold weather.


How to Make Authentic Chicken Momos From Scratch

Here’s is a simple and delicious recipe for chicken momos with step-by-step photos.


Filipino Coconut Milk Snails (Ginataang Kohol)

This is a Filipino stew made with coconut milk and snails.


Vegetarian Laing (Filipino Taro Leaves in Coconut Milk)

Laing is a dish made from dried taro leaves simmered in coconut milk.


Milk Barfi Recipe: A Traditional Indian Sweet

Try this easy recipe for milk barfi, a traditional Indian sweet. A recipe video is also included.


Tea Kadai Masal Vadai: A Crunchy and Healthy Snack

Masal vadai is a crunchy and healthy teatime snack.


Sabudana Appe Recipe for Navratri Vrat

This unique sabudana appe is crisp on the outside with a soft inside. It's perfect for the Navratri festival. I've also included a recipe video.


Greek Minced Meat Pie

This minced meat pie is a traditional savory pie from Greece. It works well as an appetizer or a main dish.


Nilagang Manok (Simple Filipino Chicken Soup)

This simple Filipino dish is a soup made with chicken, potatoes, and cabbage. It's a main dish that is typically eaten with rice.


Punjabi Besan (Gram Flour) Paratha Recipe

Learn how to make crispy, quick to prepare and nutritious Punjabi besan paratha. A recipe video is also included.