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World Cuisine


Tadka Aloo Raita Recipe: Spiced Potato and Yogurt Side Dish

Level up your plain aloo raita by tempering it with some delicious spices. This tadka aloo raita is a spice-tempered potato curd dish. Recipe video included.


Moong Dal Tadka (Fry) Recipe

Delicious, easy to make, moong dal fry/tadka recipe. Video included.


Sukhadi (Gol Papadi): Easy and Delicious Gujarati Sweet

Sukhadi is a delicious Gujarati sweet that is quick and easy to make. The key ingredients are wheat flour, jaggery and ghee.


Lima Bean and Potato Gravy: A Tasty Indian Recipe

Lima bean and potato gravy is a tasty, healthy and easy side dish that pairs well with chapati, paratha, roti and rice. Kids love it, too.


Kale Chana Aloo Curry (Black Chickpea, Cowpea and Potato Curry)

Kale chana aloo curry is an easy and tasty side dish. Pair with any Indian bread or rice.


Bendekayi Kayirasa (Lady's Finger Curry) Recipe

Lady's finger curry (known as bendekayi kayirasa in the Kannada language) is a curry with urad dal. Pair with rice for an easy and tasty meal.


Punjabi Chicken Pakora (Fritters): Lahore Special

Pakora (pakoda) is a much-loved traditional snack in both India and Pakistan. These spicy, crunchy fried chicken bites can be made in a variety of ways, but this recipe comes from my grandmother.


How to Make Authentic Nigerian Abacha (African Salad)

Abacha, also known as African salad, is a traditional dish of the Igbo ethnic group in eastern Nigeria.


Ridge Gourd and Green Gram Curry Recipe

Easy curry with the goodness of ridge gourd, green gram and mint leaves. Pairs perfectly with any Indian bread or rice. Very filling and healthy.


Dahi ke Sholay: Popular Delhi Street Food

A popular Delhi street food, dahi ke sholay are deep-fried bread rolls with a spiced hung curd stuffing. Recipe video included.


Simple Vegetable Pavbhaji Pulao

Easy and tasty pavbhaji pulao packed with vegetables. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasions.


Lotus Seed (Makhana) Kheer: Tasty Indian Dessert

Lotus seed (makhana) kheer is a tasty dessert that is perfect for festivals or any special occasion. Very easy to make, it can be served hot or chilled.


Dhaba-Style Lasooni Palak: Garlicky Spinach Curry

This dhaba-style lasooni palak is super healthy, tasty, and easy to make. Recipe video included.


Indian-Style Raw Mango Chutney Recipe

Raw mango chutney is a tangy and spicy dish that pairs beautifully with rice. Easy and tasty.


Jowar Pulao Recipe: Sorghum and Vegetable Dish

Jowar pulao is a vegan, gluten-free dish made with jowar (sorghum), vegetables and spices. Recipe video included.


How to Make Mouthwatering Nigerian Shawarma

This recipe is for the Nigerian style of shawarma. It's delicious!


Mushroom Methi Malai: Creamy Mushroom and Fenugreek Curry

A delightful and flavourful creamy mushroom and fenugreek greens curry recipe. Video included.


Lotus Seed (Makhana) Chiwda: A Tasty Indian Snack

Lotus seed (makhana) chiwda is an easy and tasty dish that is a perfect evening tea-time snack. Healthy and quick to make.


How to Cook Delicious Nigerian Chicken Pepper Soup

In Nigeria, pepper soup is a cold-weather favorite!


Whole Wheat Flour Bhatura Recipe

The popular Punjabi bhatura is prepared with whole wheat flour. Recipe video included.


Delicious Nigerian White-Seed Melon Soup (Egusi Soup)

Egusi soup is enjoyed widely across Nigeria. Each tribe has its own way of cooking this delicious soup; my recipe comes from the eastern part of the country.


South Indian Tomato Masala Upma Recipe

Tomato masala upma is easy to make and tasty, too. Perfect for breakfast, dinner or a snack.


Indian-Style Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This Indian-style mixed vegetable and cheese sandwich is easy to make and tasty to eat. Perfect breakfast, snack, dinner or lunchbox recipe.


Crispy Poha Vada Recipe

Crispy and delicious poha vada (flattened rice) cutlet recipe. Video included.


Mango Agar-Agar Salad

It's mango season! Let's enjoy the sweetness of mango agar-agar salad. Make sure to serve it cold to enjoy its refreshing taste!


Cabbage Chana Dal (Bengal Gram) Fry Recipe

This cabbage chana dal fry is easy to prepare but very flavorful. Serve with rice or chapati.


Indian-Style Chilli Oil Maggi Noodle Recipe

Chilli oil Maggi noodles is a simple and delicious snack that's ready in just 10 minutes. Video included.


Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) Gravy Recipe

This tasty paneer gravy pairs well with any Indian bread or with flavored rice.


How to Make Creamy Nigerian Millet Drink (Kunu)

Kunu is a rich millet drink from Nigeria that is packed with carbohydrates, making it quite filling.


Indian-Style Beetroot Sabzi (Curry)

Delicious, healthy and all-vegan beetroot sabzi recipe. Video included.


Indian Cucumber Gravy Recipe

This tasty and healthy cucumber gravy pairs well with chapati, roti, paratha or even with rice. Easy to make.


Ginisang Ampalaya at Hipon: Filipino Sauteed Bitter Melon With Shrimp

This healthy Filipino dish uses an Asian vegetable called bitter melon. Here I am sharing my wife's technique for making this dish.


How to Make Nigerian Breadfruit Seed Porridge (Ukwa)

This is a delicious Nigerian porridge made from the seeds of the breadfruit (ukwa).


How to Cook Delicious Nigerian Bean Soup (Gbegiri)

Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare gbegiri, a nutritious Nigerian bean soup.


Ginataang Labong: Filipino Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Milk

If you like Thai cuisine, you'll love this Filipino dish of bamboo shoots simmered in coconut milk.


Beetroot Greens Sabji (Indian Curry)

Easy and quick Indian-style beetroot greens curry recipe. Video included.


Ridge Gourd Curry (Gojju) Recipe

Ridge Gourd curry, also called as gojju in Kannada language, is a thick, spicy and aromatic curry, served with rice. Easy to prepare, but tasty.


Ginatan Dessert: Sweet Potato and Banana in Coconut Milk

Ginatan is a tasty Asian dessert with sweet potato and banana in coconut milk.


Singaporean Rice: An Epic Dish That Will Blow Your Mind

Singaporean rice tastes heavenly. Learn how to make this delicious dish at home.


Kokum (Punarpuli) Rasam With Toor Dal Recipe

Kokum rasam is a healthy and tasty dish that pairs well with rice and any type of stir-fry. Perfect for the wintertime.


Hara Chana Masala: Indian-Style Green Chickpea Curry

Punjabi-style hara chana masala is a green chickpea curry dish. Recipe video included.


Adobong Kambing: Filipino Goat Meat Adobo

In the Philippines, goat meat is common in many dishes. It's a bit gamey but still good in traditional Filipino dishes such as adobo.


Beef Embutido (Filipino Meatloaf)

Filipino meatloaf normally uses pork, but this recipe uses ground beef instead.


Horse Gram (Huruli) Vegetable Kootu: South Indian Stew

This protein-rich kootu is prepared with horse gram. Tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.


Gawar Aloo Ki Bhaji (Cluster Beans and Potato Curry) Recipe

Delicious cluster beans and potato curry prepared in the North Indian style. Recipe video included.


Bajra Khichdi Recipe (Savory Indian Pearl Millet Porridge)

Healthy, delicious and gluten-free, this savory pearl millet porridge is prepared with just a few basic spices. Recipe video included.


Bitter Gourd Curry: A Healthy and Diabetic-Friendly Dish

This healthy and yummy curry is prepared with onions, tomato, spices, and fried bitter gourd. Even if you think you don't like bitter gourd, you'll love this recipe.


Hyacinth Bean (Avarekalu) Sambar Recipe

This easy, healthy and tasty sambar recipe pairs well rice or chapati. Great way to include legumes in your diet.


Oat and Vegetable Chilla: A Healthy Indian Pancake

This is a savoury pancake prepared with oats, gram flour, semolina, spices, and vegetables. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare this nutritious and tasty breakfast.