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Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum) Milkshake Recipe

Rajan loves cooking dishes from his native Indian cuisine. He enjoys sharing his favourite recipes with his online readers.

Cool and refreshing gond katira milkshakes

Cool and refreshing gond katira milkshakes

What Is Gond Katira?

Gond katira (tragacanth gum) is a natural gum obtained from the sap of the shrub Astralagus gummifer. It is cooling in nature; therefore, is used in summer to prepare various types of beverages that cool the body and help protect against heat stroke and heat stress.

The gond katira milkshake recipe I am sharing is a traditional Indian recipe. Do try it and give your feedback.

Is Gond Katira the Same Thing as Gond?

Gond katira is often confused for another natural gum that is also (confusingly) called gond. Not only do the two gums have similar names, but they also have an uncanny resemblance to one another. Here's how to tell the difference:

  • Gond katira: When soaked in water, it never dissolves. Instead, it fluffs up, forming a very soft gelatinous mass.
  • Gond: When soaked in water, it dissolves completely, even without stirring.

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

10 hours

10 min

10 hours 10 min

2 servings


  • 500 ml chilled milk
  • 1 tsp gond katira (tragacanth gum), soaked in 1 cup of water overnight
  • 15 strands kesar (saffron), soaked in 3 tbsp warm milk for 30 minutes
  • 1/2 tsp elaichi (cardamom powder)
  • 6 tbsp ground sugar, or to taste
  • ice cubes, as needed


  1. In a blender jar, add the chilled milk, soaked kesar milk, cardamom powder, ground sugar and ice cubes. Blend until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Add 2 heaped tbsp each of soaked gond katira in 2 glasses. Top up with the blended milkshake.
  3. Stir well and serve.

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