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How to Correctly Grind Dhagewali Mishri (Thread Rock Sugar)

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Dhagewali Mishri (Thread Rock Sugar)

Dhagewali Mishri (Thread Rock Sugar)

In this article I will show you the correct way to remove the threads from dhagewali mishri and grind it to a powder. Mishri is a healthier option than white sugar because it not processed with chemicals. Refined white sugar, in contrast, is processed with chemicals—making it a less appealing option.

What Is Mishri?

Mishri, a form of unrefined sugar, is a healthier alternative to chemically manufactured white sugar. The production of mishri does not involve any chemicals.

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  • 1 kg dhagewali mishri (thread rock sugar)


  1. In a mortar, place large pieces of the mishri one by one and pound with a pestle to break the pieces into smaller pieces. Transfer the smaller pieces to a plate, pull away the threads, and discard them.
  2. In a grinder jar, add the mishri pieces about 3/4 full. Grind on pulse mode for a few seconds each time. Give 3-4 pulses to grind the pieces into a powder. Transfer the powder to a storage bottle or jar. Continue grinding the mishri in batches until all of it is ground.
  3. Close the cap tightly, store in a dry place, and use as needed.

How to Correctly Grind Dhagewali Mishri (Thread Rock Sugar)

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