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Easy Filipino-Style Salty and Sour Pork Chops

As a child, Edwin's mom told him, "If you want to eat, you should cook it yourself." And that's exactly what he's been doing ever since.

Filipino-style pork chops

Filipino-style pork chops

Easy, Pan-Fried Pork Chops

I love pork chops of all kinds, but one of the things I miss most about my home country is the local-style pork chops. If you're familiar with adobo, then you know that Filipino cuisine often features dishes with a distinctive salty and sour flavor combination. This dish is one of them. It's also possible to vary the recipe to make it sweeter (see my variations section below), though personally, I really like the non-sweet version. Another thing I like about this recipe, in particular, is that it's quick and easy to cook, especially when I'm in a hurry.

Cook Time

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5 min

10 min

15 min

Serves 4 people

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  • 4 bone-in pork chops, 1/2-inch thick
  • 1/2 cup toyomansi sauce, available in Asian stores
  • Ground black pepper, to taste
  • 2 tablespoons peanut oil, for frying
  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed


  1. Combine all of the ingredients, except for the peanut oil, in a Ziploc bag.
  2. Refrigerate the marinated pork chops overnight.
  3. Heat the peanut oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
  4. Sear the pork chops for 3 minutes on each side, until a thermometer shows an internal temperature of 145F.
  5. Remove the chops from the pan, allow them to rest for 2 minutes, then serve.


  • Instead of frying, you can grill or bake the pork chops.
  • Instead of toyomansi sauce, you can use a mixture of soy sauce with either lemon juice or vinegar.
  • For a sweet and savory pork chop, add sugar to the marinade.
  • Try using fish sauce instead of soy sauce.

Toyomansi Sauce

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